Tallahassee Center serves as polling station

The Taoist Tai Chi™ Center in Tallahassee opens its doors to the community,

serving for the first time as a polling station on Primary Election Day. We look

forward to even more activity come National Election Day in November.

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Scottish Region Awareness Day in Edinburgh


It’s happened again! …. arriving by charter bus from as far away as Aberdeen, Forfar, Dundee and Glasgow, and by train from Inverness, not to mention the locals from Edinburgh and Linlithgow, over a hundred members from across Scotland converged on Edinburgh, the Festival city, for the Scottish Region Awareness Day celebration on Saturday 23 August, 2014.

Taking a cue from International Awareness Day events in Canada, everyone lined up neatly in rows and columns for the set, just like in Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto, earlier in the month. The region’s senior instructors took to the PA system, providing commentary aimed at participating members and the spectating public.

As always, volunteers were on hand to give out leaflets promoting new classes – in Edinburgh, Scotland, GB and around the world. It’s worth mentioning the global aspect – we spoke to people from Scotland, England, Wales, France, Germany, Poland, USA, Russia, South Korea, and more.

The Scottish summer provided a refreshing mix of sunshine, and rain, and then sunshine again. A bit of a shower didn’t dampen spirits – while their comrades sheltered under the canopy of the Ross bandstand to practice their Foundation exercises, some brave souls performed ‘the ‘wet set’.

And, as in Toronto, members of the public were able to have a taste of our Taoist Tai Chi™ arts in the Open House area, where some of our experienced volunteer instructors showed them the first few moves of the sequence we practice together.

Then, to a heartbeat drum rhythm, the sunshine brought the dragon out of its lair for a parade around the gardens, and was the usual big hit with the spectators, many of whom wanted to have their picture taken with the beastie. Some even pulled matching dragon faces.

All too soon, the afternoon in the gardens came to a close. But the day was not over – the charter buses brought the multitude back to the UK National Centre, for afternoon tea and a spectacular choice of home-baking. There, GB Vice President Philomena Pretsell thanked everyone for coming and extended an invitation to come again, for events at the Centre and elsewhere.


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Finding balance during Health Recovery Week


After all the excitement of CIT week and the intensity of Lok Hup Week, some of us stayed at the International Centre in Orangeville to enjoy a more quiet pace.

We were 18 from Australia, Denmark, Czech, Great Britain, Slovakia, Belgium, New Hampshire, Quebec, Ontario and Vancouver to review the teachings of CIT week and help those who struggle with bigger health issues to apply them in their own Taoist Tai Chi™  arts.

Many of us could experience for the first time foundation exercises and the first moves of the set sitting on a chair or using a bar, which also helped us find our centre and balance while standing.

Dharma, the service dog of one participant, particularly appreciated the breaks, a time for petting, and Helen celebrated her 75th birthday with banana bread.

While some had to leave earlier, others realized they should practice Tai Chi more diligently.

An eye, body, and mind-opening week to remember for all of us.

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Participate in a Beginner Weekend of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts!

Hello to everyone in the Toronto Area!

We are holding 4 beginner weekends in the GTA in August and September.

These weekend-long accelerated classes are a perfect starting point for new beginners, or anyone who may want a refresher session.

Please join us, and consider inviting your friends and family members to one of these weekend programs – it is a wonderful opportunity to learn the Tai Chi Set in a fun-filled, action-packed weekend.

(And we hear the food is pretty good, too!)

Register Online

Want to Register?  Fill out form on this page

Want to learn more? Visit our website for more details

When and Where

August 15-17 Toronto Midtown 1376 Bathurst St.
Sept 12-14 Toronto Midtown 1376 Bathurst St.
Sept 12-14 Etobicoke 35 Chauncey Ave.
Sept 12-14 Markham-Stouffville 124 Dickson Hill Rd.


At what time

The Beginner Weekends start Friday at 7 pm and end Sunday at 5 pm.

Session times for each day are:
Friday:      7 pm – 9:30 pm
Saturday: 1 pm – 5 pm
Sunday:    1 pm – 5 pm

What does it cost?

Your contribution includes the weekend + 4 months of participation in our classes:

  • Adult: $200
  • Student/Senior: $150
  • Child: $60

All contributions are used to further the aims and objectives of Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi. All our accredited instructors are volunteers.

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Share your Awareness Day 2014 Photos

Ad 2014

Did you take any photos of International Awareness Day at Young-Dundas Square? We would love to see them! Use the link below to upload a few to our photo stream on SmugMug and let all of our participants share the memories.


Here is the upload key:    ad2014

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CIT Week 2014 Group Photo

_group photo 14

Did you take any memorable photos from CIT week 2014?

Please share them on our SmugMug photo stream for all FLK participants to enjoy!

Use this link to upload your pics: 


Password: CIT2014


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IAD Tweets!


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