We want you to Tweet about IAD on Aug 7th!

We need your help to get Taoist Tai Chi™ arts more exposure online – so let’s make some online noise around Awareness Day this year.

You can watch the live stream of events from Young-Dundas Square, and help out by making Taoist Tai Chi™ a trending topic on Twitter!

We encourage everyone to tweet greetings, messages, and pictures on Aug 7th using the hashtag #TaoistTaiChi !

No matter where you are: on the square in Toronto, at home or work, at your local club or location watching the live broadcast, or wherever!

If we have the most tweets on that day with this hashtag, we’ll become a trending topic on Twitter – which is a really good thing!!


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Awareness Day Live Broadcast

Click here or on the image below to view Details, Pictures, Schedule & Live Video StreamIADBanner1

Those who can not join the Awareness festivities this year, can follow the event via live broadcast !

People can watch the event from home or can – of course – get together with fellow participants and watch it together at their club/centre.

When: August 7, from 9AM until 2PM

Where: http://www.taoist.org/live

Replay available? Yes. The video will stay available after the event, so it can be replayed at a later time. 

Publish&Share? Yes! You can publish this live stream on your websites and Facebook pages, Twitter etc.

V2_Live Stream Poster_V2.4.png

Click here or on the image below to view Details, Pictures, Schedule & Live Video Stream


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Many Hands Help Make A Parade in Nova Scotia North


The participants in Nova Scotia North Branch have been looking for new ways to  increase awareness of who we are and what we do within our various communities.

Last fall the suggestion was made that perhaps we could participate in the Truro Canada Day Parade, which draws many on-lookers from the town and surrounding areas.  Planning for this participation started right away.  People who were attending workshops in Orangeville volunteered to bring home flags and banners that would add excitement and colour to our parade contingent.

We decided that we needed a large banner with two carrying poles to lead our group and to show clearly who we are.  Someone donated a particularly fine, sparkling white cotton sheet.  Several others volunteered to fold and stitch the sheet so that it became a banner.  Others volunteered to stencil very carefully with black paint our name on the sheet-now-banner. It was carried with pride in the parade.

Meanwhile still others, using our current graphics package, put together and printed off stacks of leaflets.   The leaflets gave class times, where to find us, and an invitation to come and visit.

On the morning of the parade, we all met and decorated our van with the banners and flags.  Several participants who wanted to be a part of the event but could not manage the almost 2- hour parade route in 30 degree weather drove the van and handed out water to those of us who were walking.


We did some Taoist Tai Chi™ together along the route, much to the delight of the crowds, who cheered and applauded and stopped us to ask questions.

The parade morning was great fun for us all, but then, so was all of the preparation activity, the working together.  Now on to next year’s parade.  Already a list of ideas to make it bigger and better is growing.  “Eyes See, Hands Do” really works!


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500 Meters of Tai Chi in Blonia Park, Krakow

5 days International Instructors Workshop of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts was held in Krakow from 2nd – 6th July. It was led by long-time students of Master Moy: Karen Laughlin and Sean Denison. 205 participants came from 13 countries (Great Britain, USA, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, France and Poland).

IIWS 07 (331)

We were working on the foundation and set movements, focusing on the internal practice. Besides the practice there was time to have valuable talks and listen to the stories. Which helped us to understand that each workshop is the good occasion for us to learn how to take care of people and how to work together in harmony.


On Friday afternoon we had a demonstration in the city center, in Błonia Park. All workshop’s attendees were there. Also the members from Krakow, who could not join the workshop, came to take part in the demo. Because of the strong sun and high temperature that day we wanted to have a nice set in the shade under the trees. But the trees grew in the line – so we were standing in the line too. The view was special, over 200 people doing tai chi set over 500 meters long!

Many thanks to Karen and Sean as well as to Master Moy for this great opportunity of practicing the Taoist Tai Chi™ arts together.

IIWS 07 (292)

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CIT Week 2014

Many of you have registered or are soon to arrive with the preparations for CIT Week at the International Centre in Orangeville.

If you are not yet one of those many:

If you are planning to participate in the week program and/or volunteer around that time, but you have not registered yet, Please send us your registration as soon as you can! It will help the organisation a lot to know the numbers for the week as soon as possible. If you do not have your logistics sorted yet, please do register now and send us your arrival time/date and flight/bus/train information as soon as you do have it.

The Centre will be celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year, which will for sure add to the festive nature of this amazing week.

If you can spend a few extra days before and after the event, you are of course more than welcome to do so!  Next to all the preparations for the week, we also have quite a lot of farming activities on our daily todo-list with the grapevines & the bees on the property!

For some pictures of previous years, the highlights of the CIT Week Instruction package & the download of the instruction package, visit the CIT Week page on taoist.org.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.46.05

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New York City Hosts International Workshop

DXE20267As the sun shone brightly on the Big Apple, some 60 people gathered on Roosevelt Island for the annual NYC Tri-State International Workshop on June 28-29, 2014. Canada, Mexico, California and branches from the Northeast Region were all represented. Against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, participants pushed and dropped and toryued their way through two days of instruction from International Director Judy Millen.

Situated in the East River between Manhattan and Queens, Roosevelt Island is a bustling residential development. Reflecting the ethnic diversity of the city, workshop meals featured Greek, Indian, and Jewish foods.

During the evening session on Saturday night, participants shared what their practice of danyus and toryus (i.e., Taoist Tai Chi) taught them on a personal level. Themes ranged from patience and perseverance, to letting go and opening up. Some had personal health recovery stories. Others believed the machinations of the Society showed them different ways to be in the world.

All in all it was a refreshing and rejuvenating weekend of hard work, personal health, and good fun.

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Grape Expectations

The landscape at the international centre has changed dramatically with the planting of five acres of grapevines as Fung Loy Kok plans to add ice wine to the gourmet produce coming from our Orangeville home.

The planting at four different sites required a lot of preparation and hard labour, including shifting rocks by hand from one site near the columbarium. Now the 5500 plants are all in the ground, the next tasks are watering, weeding and installing posts and straining wires.
The first harvest is likely to be in 2017 and will be used to make ice wine, which is a dessert wine produced from grapes that have frozen while still on the vine.
Production requires a large labour force to pick the whole crop within a few hours of the temperature falling below minus 8 degrees celsius; probably in December or January.

We already have 100 grapevines in four rows which were planted last year, and the challenges so far in growing grapes at the centre have been watering and weeding.
The centre is also now expanding its honey production, doubling the number of bee hives to 50, and 1200 lavender seedlings are about to be planted to help feed the bees. Linden trees will also be planted for the bees to feast on, and clover will go in the spaces between the grapevine rows. Last year we produced almost 600 kilograms of honey.  Maple syrup was also made here for the first time this year and 84 litres was produced. The honey is harvested in July/August and the maple syrup in March/April. Both have already sold out.

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