Long distance Taoist Tai Chi™


In Helmond, workshop leader Andrew Hung made an online connection with the Wednesday class in D’Arcy Street, Toronto, led by Marsha Eberhardt. We waved and we smiled at each other. Both Andrew and Marsha talked us through the set and after that we all enjoyed instruction from Andrew. Despite the 6,000 km distance we felt the connection. What a great example of Taoist Tai Chi™ around the world.

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30th Anniversary of International Centre ePub booklet available





Storytelling has been a powerful way to transmit both a sense of our history as well as a deeper understanding of the Taoist Tai Chi™ arts in our organization. In keeping with this tradition, we published a booklet primarily composed of stories; the International Centre as viewed through the eyes of people who have had a hand, big or small, in bringing Master Moy Lin Shin’s vision for a Centre for Cultivation to fruition. Some stories reflect a long-time connection to the organisation, while others demonstrate the excitement and freshness of a newer connection. As we have always worked together to accomplish our goals, these stories work together to reflect back the spirit of this remarkable place as it turns 30.

Click on the image above, or click here to view the slideshow version and/or ePub version of the anniversary booklet.


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Cars out, beds in – Helmond hosts an International Program

You always thought a parking garage is meant for cars, but you’ve got it all wrong: in the parking garage in the Taoist Tai Chi™ Society Centre in Helmond people dream of vehicles. 73 Extra beds make a total of 241 for the IIWS that starts today. But we can always fit in an airbed, for you: just come.

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East Anglia Region Awareness Day in Colchester

Many enthusiastic members began to gather for Awareness Day at the European Centre in Colchester on Friday 5th September. After an evening meal around 60 people joined together to enjoy an intensive. We worked hard on our tai chi and practised working in rows and columns in preparation for the demo the following day.

People came from all over the UK, not just the East Anglian Region, to support the event and there were representatives from 11 of our 16 branches: Cambridgeshire, Chilterns, Edinburgh, Kent and Sussex, London, Mid Essex, North East Essex, Shropshire, South Wales, South West Essex and Suffolk.

Two bus journeys saw around 150 people arrive in the beautiful Castle Park grounds. They were joined by a number of local people who made their own way there. All were ready to show off Taoist Tai Chi™ to the constant stream of people enjoying the scenery and wending their way to the annual Oyster Festival in the lower park area. Many leaflets were given out and conversations had and once a few people had got the courage to “Come and Try” there was constant participation in a small beginner’s class to the side of the main group.

The day was cloudy but dry and we brightened it up with tai chi, sword and sabre demonstrations and used our new PA system to talk about our founder Master Moy Lin Shin, our history and the health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi™.

Old and young, male and female alike stopped to watch and chat and it felt like a very successful day of promoting Taoist Tai Chi™.

 An impressed young child watching on a bench with her mother was overheard to say “How do they all do the same thing when there is no one telling them what to do?”

 It’s a beautiful mystery…

 Two hours later, we were back at the centre for well-earned tea and cakes with the Mayor and Mayoress of Colchester who enjoyed a demonstration and talk before the branch representatives delivered best wishes and greetings.

Thank you to all who participated and made the day so special.

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Tampa Bay Times article – Taoist Tai Chi™ Society’s plans for Fenway look promising


The Taoist Tai Chi™ Society’s newly released plans for the historic Fenway hotel in Dunedin contain good news for local residents who worried the private religious organization would seal off the landmark from the public. The plans not only call for public meeting space inside the 90-year-old Fenway, but also construction of townhomes behind it that will be offered for sale to the public. This is a hopeful sign that the nonprofit wants to be a part of, rather than apart from, the community.

In the project’s first phase, the old Fenway would be repaired and restored. It would reopen with 102 guest rooms for its members participating in multi-day Taoist programs, meeting space and 105 parking spaces. An existing building at the corner of Locklie Street and Broadway would be retained during Phase 1 to provide classroom space, but it, along with all other buildings other than the Fenway, would be torn down during Phase 2 in a couple of years, replaced by the townhomes.

Overall, the proposed project is less ambitious than some previous development proposals that had envisioned a high-end resort or condo-hotel. When the society delivered its project packet to the city last week, it included an economic impact analysis by Fishkind & Associates of Orlando. Fishkind determined that a traditional hotel was not likely to be successful in the Dunedin market based on current trends and advised that the best use of the Fenway was institutional. The study estimated the annual economic impact of the completed project at $2.7 million.

The society has hired a local development team and has asked the City Commission to allow negotiations on a development agreement to begin. The development agreement is the tool the city can use to resolve any issues it has with the proposal and address any concerns expressed by neighbors. The Fenway property is bordered on three sides by single-family homes, and some of those residents aggressively opposed previous development proposals.

Neighbors should ask lots of questions, but keep an open mind. After a decade of watching the empty Fenway and its associated buildings grow more dilapidated and the grounds more unkempt, they may find the prospect of a religious conference center and townhome community downright appealing.

Here’s the full article:


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Record attendance at Sabre Workshop and Awareness Day held in Quebec City

You may read the original version in French here, or continue reading the translation below:

A busy weekend ended with a flourish in Quebec City. Indeed, on Friday night 117 participants from as far away as Buffalo, Toronto, Gaspé, Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal, Saguenay and Rivière-du-Loup came together to learn the Sabre Set. For most of them, it was the first time!

The workshop was led by Blaise Baillargeon, who for those who have been to the International Centre in Orangeville, are used to seeing him busy in the kitchen with a knife in his hand, or by a wok!

As an introduction, Blaise made us practice don-yus and tor-yus which helped us to understand a little different version of  Taoist Tai Chi™, because we have to hold a sabre. How to grasp and handle the sabre, raise it, do a “turn” without tiring the shoulder. How to apply alignment concepts and push from the ground. The importance of a good structure. Throughout these few intense hours, he guided us in a clear and effective manner. On Saturday night, everyone ended enthusiastically by doing three complete Sabre Sets. The last tip of our fantastic instructor: now you just have to keep practicing!

It was the first time a sabre workshop was held in Quebec. And this “first time” was followed by a second one: a Taoist Tai Chi™ Awareness Day was held on Sunday at the Place de l’Assemblée-Nationale, in front of the Fontaine de Tourny. It was a wonderful place to host the nearly 200 participants who did lots of Tai Chi Sets (with and without an umbrella!), invited tourists and passers-by to learn the first movements of the set, and answered their questions.

To top it all off, true to form, the dragon scared away the rain! Our dragon dance was supported by catchy percussion and attracted cameras and reporters and the people waiting to be photographed were pulling his beard, which is meant to bring good luck. A success across the board. Is this the first of many?

Click this link on this link to a report on prime time News at 6 pm by Radio-Canada.

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“Come and try” Taoist Tai Chi™ in the Danish summer


For the second year running the Taoist Tai Chi™ Society of Denmark held a “Come and Try” Taoist Tai Chi™ a few times a week in July and August. More than 200 people have joined us for an hour of Taoist Tai Chi™ in various parks around Copenhagen. The biggest turn-out was 50 participants!

 We got good press-coverage on the event, our press releases were in the local papers, one local paper made a feature article, and we got mentioned on a radio program about “what to do during the summer”. It was good fun for the people who tried Taoist Tai Chi™ for the first time, for the instructors and for the members who turned up to help out.

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