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East Anglia Region Awareness Day in Colchester

Many enthusiastic members began to gather for Awareness Day at the European Centre in Colchester on Friday 5th September. After an evening meal around 60 people joined together to enjoy an intensive. We worked hard on our tai chi and practised working in rows and columns in preparation for the demo the following day.

People came from all over the UK, not just the East Anglian Region, to support the event and there were representatives from 11 of our 16 branches: Cambridgeshire, Chilterns, Edinburgh, Kent and Sussex, London, Mid Essex, North East Essex, Shropshire, South Wales, South West Essex and Suffolk.

Two bus journeys saw around 150 people arrive in the beautiful Castle Park grounds. They were joined by a number of local people who made their own way there. All were ready to show off Taoist Tai Chi™ to the constant stream of people enjoying the scenery and wending their way to the annual Oyster Festival in the lower park area. Many leaflets were given out and conversations had and once a few people had got the courage to “Come and Try” there was constant participation in a small beginner’s class to the side of the main group.

The day was cloudy but dry and we brightened it up with tai chi, sword and sabre demonstrations and used our new PA system to talk about our founder Master Moy Lin Shin, our history and the health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi™.

Old and young, male and female alike stopped to watch and chat and it felt like a very successful day of promoting Taoist Tai Chi™.

 An impressed young child watching on a bench with her mother was overheard to say “How do they all do the same thing when there is no one telling them what to do?”

 It’s a beautiful mystery…

 Two hours later, we were back at the centre for well-earned tea and cakes with the Mayor and Mayoress of Colchester who enjoyed a demonstration and talk before the branch representatives delivered best wishes and greetings.

Thank you to all who participated and made the day so special.

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Record attendance at Sabre Workshop and Awareness Day held in Quebec City

You may read the original version in French here, or continue reading the translation below:

A busy weekend ended with a flourish in Quebec City. Indeed, on Friday night 117 participants from as far away as Buffalo, Toronto, Gaspé, Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal, Saguenay and Rivière-du-Loup came together to learn the Sabre Set. For most of them, it was the first time!

The workshop was led by Blaise Baillargeon, who for those who have been to the International Centre in Orangeville, are used to seeing him busy in the kitchen with a knife in his hand, or by a wok!

As an introduction, Blaise made us practice don-yus and tor-yus which helped us to understand a little different version of  Taoist Tai Chi™, because we have to hold a sabre. How to grasp and handle the sabre, raise it, do a “turn” without tiring the shoulder. How to apply alignment concepts and push from the ground. The importance of a good structure. Throughout these few intense hours, he guided us in a clear and effective manner. On Saturday night, everyone ended enthusiastically by doing three complete Sabre Sets. The last tip of our fantastic instructor: now you just have to keep practicing!

It was the first time a sabre workshop was held in Quebec. And this “first time” was followed by a second one: a Taoist Tai Chi™ Awareness Day was held on Sunday at the Place de l’Assemblée-Nationale, in front of the Fontaine de Tourny. It was a wonderful place to host the nearly 200 participants who did lots of Tai Chi Sets (with and without an umbrella!), invited tourists and passers-by to learn the first movements of the set, and answered their questions.

To top it all off, true to form, the dragon scared away the rain! Our dragon dance was supported by catchy percussion and attracted cameras and reporters and the people waiting to be photographed were pulling his beard, which is meant to bring good luck. A success across the board. Is this the first of many?

Click this link on this link to a report on prime time News at 6 pm by Radio-Canada.

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International Awareness Day 2014 – covered in Snapd Annex!

Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi™ International  hosted over 1,000 participants from around the world to demonstrate the health, healing, and pain management benefits of Tai Chi at Yonge – Dundas Square. There was also greetings from distinguished guests, free introductory classes for the public, colourful dragon dances, and a parade. For more information, visit

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Taoist Tai Chi™ 20th anniversary in Hungary & 10th in Eger – and a birthday cake of 108 slices…

2014 AD Eger 1

The second celebration in the Hungarian Taoist Tai Chi™ community took place on the 23rd of August. The Society, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, has been present in the city of Eger for 10 years.

More than 60 members came to join the event, not only from Eger but also from other cities including Sopron, Győr and Budapest, and thus more than 100 people participated in this joyful day’s program. An intensive with 101 participants (a new record in Hungary!) gave the day a great start; foundation exercises were practiced and lots of useful instructions were received. And of course, buffet tables full of delicacies were in focus during the breaks.

The deputy mayor of Eger was happy to join us for the banquet that followed; he said a few words of warm welcome and gave best wishes to the Society. A few additional local members showed up for the banquet and so the birthday cake was eventually cut into 108 slices. It was no mere accident!

After the delicious lunch we lined up, took the flags and walked to the medieval castle of Eger: the first open-air demonstration took place in the castle’s inner courtyard. Even the local television came to record the demo, and small interviews were also shot with members and instructors. Then we walked over to one of the central locations in the town to do another two sets while one of us said a few words about how beneficial Taoist Tai Chi™ is for one’s health and how the Society works. These open-air demos were, in accordance with the Society’s worldwide tradition, organized also as an Awareness Day event.

At the end of the day we greeted each other with a smile that came from the heart, hoping to meet again soon.

2014 AD Eger Demo2

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Scottish Region Awareness Day in Edinburgh


It’s happened again! …. arriving by charter bus from as far away as Aberdeen, Forfar, Dundee and Glasgow, and by train from Inverness, not to mention the locals from Edinburgh and Linlithgow, over a hundred members from across Scotland converged on Edinburgh, the Festival city, for the Scottish Region Awareness Day celebration on Saturday 23 August, 2014.

Taking a cue from International Awareness Day events in Canada, everyone lined up neatly in rows and columns for the set, just like in Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto, earlier in the month. The region’s senior instructors took to the PA system, providing commentary aimed at participating members and the spectating public.

As always, volunteers were on hand to give out leaflets promoting new classes – in Edinburgh, Scotland, GB and around the world. It’s worth mentioning the global aspect – we spoke to people from Scotland, England, Wales, France, Germany, Poland, USA, Russia, South Korea, and more.

The Scottish summer provided a refreshing mix of sunshine, and rain, and then sunshine again. A bit of a shower didn’t dampen spirits – while their comrades sheltered under the canopy of the Ross bandstand to practice their Foundation exercises, some brave souls performed ‘the ‘wet set’.

And, as in Toronto, members of the public were able to have a taste of our Taoist Tai Chi™ arts in the Open House area, where some of our experienced volunteer instructors showed them the first few moves of the sequence we practice together.

Then, to a heartbeat drum rhythm, the sunshine brought the dragon out of its lair for a parade around the gardens, and was the usual big hit with the spectators, many of whom wanted to have their picture taken with the beastie. Some even pulled matching dragon faces.

All too soon, the afternoon in the gardens came to a close. But the day was not over – the charter buses brought the multitude back to the UK National Centre, for afternoon tea and a spectacular choice of home-baking. There, GB Vice President Philomena Pretsell thanked everyone for coming and extended an invitation to come again, for events at the Centre and elsewhere.


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Share your Awareness Day 2014 Photos

Ad 2014

Did you take any photos of International Awareness Day at Young-Dundas Square? We would love to see them! Use the link below to upload a few to our photo stream on SmugMug and let all of our participants share the memories.

Here is the upload key:    ad2014

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Awareness Day Warm-up

The drums are beating and dragons are uncoiling themselves from their lairs as hundreds of participants at the  International Centre prepare for Awareness Day in Toronto on August 2

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