Buffalo Branch USA National Lok Hup Program a Huge Success!


Chris Lewis  took 95 participants through the first 31 moves of the Lok Hup set that left us exhausted but happy.

About half of the participants came to Buffalo from Canada (Ottawa, Toronto, Woodstock, St. Catharines, and Guelph Ontario), and the US (Denver, Columbus Ohio, Chicago, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, St. Petersburg and Hallendale Florida, Ithaca, New York City, and Syracuse, New York).

A Pot Luck Dinner was held at the Kenmore Center on Friday, April 18th. We used the Tapestry Charter School for the program on Saturday and Sunday. Here are more photos from the weekend.

Thanks to all the volunteers and participants for making the National Lok Hup program a success.

We raised $29,000 from workshop donations, which Chris designated to go to the Taoist Tai Chi Society ® International Center – Fenway project.

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A triple event: 3 Accelerated classes held in the Netherlands

2015-03-19 16.08.42

This weekend we organized three accelerated weekend beginner classes in the Netherlands. In our centre in Helmond and in our clubhouses in Rijswijk and Haarlem we welcomed 126 participants of which 23 real beginners. What a good way to start the Taoist Tai Chi® arts.

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Southwest Area Intensive in Stratford, April 16, 2015


95 participants from the Southwest Area gathered at the Southwest Centre in Stratford for an intensive with instructor Andrew Hung.  The afternoon began with a delicious pot luck.  The Southwest Area locations are learning to work together at our many get-togethers.  Each location takes responsibility for part of the event.  This is working well as everyone is becoming more familiar with the SW Centre and things run smoothly.

Andrew helped us develop our understanding of the importance of expansion and contraction in each move in the set, with the emphasis on going all the way up as well as all the way down.  He talked about the importance of completing the donyu and toryu in the set for developing balance.

By watching Andrew work with individuals we learned about how our practice can help pain.

The afternoon was greatly appreciated by all who participated.  We all were anxious to work on everything we learned.

The next event at the Southwest Centre is our Regional Program on May 23.  We’re learning to cook for that one.


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Newfoundland and Labrador Regional Program March 27 – 29, 2015

IMG_0943 1

Twenty-seven participants attended the Newfoundland and Labrador Branch Regional workshop on March 27th – 29th with Steve Dingwall, President of the Atlantic Region instructing.

It was a great opportunity to come together to improve our knowledge of the Taoist Tai Chi arts, chat with members from each location in St. Johh’s, Mount Pearl, Conception Bay South and Holyrood as well as enjoy great vegetarian food.

We look forward to the next workshop on May 23rd – 24th.

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National Program in Ottawa Mar 28 – 29, 2015

Ottawa March 2015-1

The Ottawa Branch hosted a National Program on March 28 and 29, with Judy Millen leading 86 participants through a wonderful weekend of practice of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts. The program was packed full of opportunities and invitations to learn. Here is a little of what people had to say about the weekend.

“Wonderful assembly. People want to participate as a team and work together. I recommend this for all. This is fine-tuning for us and our instructors are fabulous.”

“Judy a dit: ‘keep your arms alive’. Elle a dit aussi ‘everything turns when you let go’ et d’autres choses encore. Et j’ai entendu ce dont j’avais besoin pour continuer de grandir at d’éprouver de la gratitude envers la vie.”

“This is a total ‘body, mind and spirit’ experience.”

“Je me sens renouvelée et reconnaissante. ‘Pay it forward’ prend tout son sens.”

“This is great collective learning.”

“First time I have had the time and energy, after a serious illness, to participate in a full weekend workshop. It was inspiring, instructive and transformational, many many thanks.”

Ottawa Branch participants, and we’re sure those from other branches as well, having found their understanding changed in some way as a result of the program, are no doubt sharing lessons from the weekend throughout their classes.

Ottawa March 2015-2

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IWS Edinburgh April 4 – 8, 2015

big group

Spring has arrived!

Not for the first time a grey, damp and cool week in Edinburgh burst into bright, warming sunshine as the day of the program arrived.

carmen-logoIt felt that Spring had definitely and finally sprung in Great Britain. Maybe this time it was brought from Spain by our instructor Carmen Capilla. Certainly Carmen’s energy seemed to match that of the sun as she tirelessly demonstrated and helped us find greater balance in a more 3-dimensional sense.

Emphasis was placed on dropping and letting go with the whole movement coming from the feet, letting the hands go out and keeping soft. Carmen stressed the importance of enjoying the journey and not rushing backwards or forwards and encouraged us to take our time. We, in response, moved up and down, left and right and forward and back at the same time, feeling the body expand and grow.

Her sense of humour soon began to exert its effect on us adding light heartedness to the practice. Throughout the week the journey built up and the dan yu and tor yu became stronger and stronger in the set for all. The timing changed and a tangible stillness developed.

So much energy, so much stillness.

carmen-big group

Evening group discussions included “Why did we start practising the Taoist Tai Chi® arts and what has kept us coming?”  And responses to why we kept coming included: improved health, friendship, wonderful atmosphere, great instructors, more energy, good people, relaxation, quietness – surely, the food too.

We were all thankful for Carmen’s injection of potent, intense but soft, caring energy. Now, like the daffodils, we’re rising from the earth and blooming.

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Taoist Tai Chi Society represents at Congress of Women in Krakow March 7th

On Saturday March, 7th we took part in Congress of Women in Krakow in Conferencing ICE Centre. It was a big event gathering more than 1000 people – mainly women – from Krakow and other cities.

Around 45 participants came to spend the day in the ICE Centre – during the whole day (from 11am till 6pm) we organized a couple of demos and 3 open classes. We had a big space so 30 people could easily do the set at once.  Not many people decided to join the open class, but there was always a big group watching us when doing the set. And many people came with the questions about the Taoist Tai Chi® arts, the classes and to take the leaflet from our stand.

About the event:

There were a few exhibitions of Krakow artists presented: paintings, drawings and photography. Also 13 different discussion panels were organized with specialists from different areas: politicians, journalists, doctors, scientists, academic professors/doctors, psychologists, dieticians, trainers etc.  Each panel was of different subject: business, media, social workers, feminism, legal matters, and health (in which we took part). Our panel was led by a famous Krakow journalist and apart from heart, cancer or diet problems also tai chi was presented. The speech about the health and social benefits that come from practicing tai chi was done while a small group of 4 was presenting the piece of the set to the big audience.

The whole day was very successful!



W sobotę, 7 marca, wzieliśmy udział w Kongresie Kobiet – imprezie zorganizowanej w Centrum Kongresowym ICE w Krakowie. Bylo to duże wydarzenie, na które przyjechało ponad tysiąć osób – w większości kobiety z całej Polski.

Około 45 taichmenów spędziło dzień w centrum kongresowym – w tym czasie zorganizowaliśmy kilka pokazów I 3 zajęcie otwarte. Mieliśmy do dyspozycji dużo przestrzeni, dlatego wszyscy taichmeni mogli zaprezentować wewnętrzne sztuki Taoistycznego Tai Chi. Wielu uczestników kongresu przyglądało się nam w czasie pokazów, przychodzło zadawać pytania dotyczące tai chi oraz zajęć, wziąć ulotkę z naszego stoiska.

Kilka słów o kongresie: w jego ramach odbyło się kilka wystaw krakowskich artystów, można było podziwiać ich obrazy, rysunki, fotografie. Uczestnicy mogli wziąć udział w 13 różnych panelach dyskusyjnych, na których różne zagadnienia były rzwijane przez specjalistów z różnych dziedzin: polityków, dziennikarzy, lekarzy, naukowców, psychologów, dietetyków. Każdy panej to zagadnienia z różnych dziedzin: biznes, media, prace społeczne, feminizm, zdrwoie (w tym panelu wzięliśmy udział).

W czasie tego wykąłdu-dyskusji poza zaprezentowaniem tematów dot. chorób serca, raka, dermatologii, dietetyki, zostały przedstawione korzyści zdrowotne Taoistycznego Tai Chi, a grupa 4 taichmenów zaprezentowała licznej publiczności fragment ciągu.

Dzień był bardzo udany – świetnie się bawiliśmy!


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