New Year’s Banquet Inaugurates New Toronto Center

This year’s Chinese New Year’s banquet was held at our new Toronto Center on Ohio Road. It was the first banquet in this beautiful new center. The evening was complete with a full array of politicians, VIP’s and special guests, plus there was an international flavour in the air as a large contingent of members from the USA, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain and Great Britain attended to share in the festivities and Society culture.

The 2010 Chinese New Year's banquet was held at the new Toronto Center on Ohio Road.

The day started with the traditional physiology workshop attended by 93 members and led by Sean Dennison, Karen Laughlin and Marsha Eberhardt. There were lots of beaming faces at this workshop as participants worked hard on their foundation and shared stories of the physiological changes practice they had experienced and the benefits that the changes had brought. Many members of the workshop then took up the mantle and worked through the evening by volunteering at the banquet.

Guests at the New Year's banquet.

The kitchen was stupendous as it worked through the morning to provide a complete hot meal for the workshop’s, prepared banquet service for over 80 volunteers and then delivered an absolutely delicious 5 course meal for the banquet of over 550 persons. Both floors of the banquet areas were filled and there were over 200 cars in our parking lot. Considering all this was the first go at organising a banquet at the Toronto centre it was an absolutely amazing job by the entire crew of volunteers. Kudos!!!!

Lots of Happy Faces at the Banquet

The banquet was attended by a number of politicians including the Mayor of Markham and a local MP from Markham. Besides bringing greetings and several commemorative letters the theme of the politician’s speeches was their favourable impression of how the Society looks after their properties and maintains the appearance of their buildings.


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  1. I was there. It was great. Thanks for everything you do.

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