Tiger Trails: The Journey Begins in Sopron

The Chinese Year of the Tiger began on February 14. On that same day a stuffed tiger was “born” and soon thereafter embarked on a journey around the world, visiting as many Taoist Tai Chi Society locations as possible. The tiger was set on his way by our branch in Hungary as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of the International Taoist Tai Chi Society. Where is the tiger? Where will he go? When will he be at your branch? Only the tiger knows.

The tiger's journey began at three locations in Hungary. The first in Sopron (above) and the second and third in Budapest (below).



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4 responses to “Tiger Trails: The Journey Begins in Sopron

  1. Tracey Pickup

    Please come visit us in Calgary, Alberta! Safe Journey to the Tiger.

  2. If the tiger finds himself in Calgary, we invite him to continue traveling west into British Columbia to Creston where we practice all summer.

    • Lesley

      Of course if the Tiger should find his way
      to Vancouver Island I would be more than
      happy to make sure he gets fed..Especially if he
      were to join us for our anniversary celebrations
      in Victoria.

  3. Irena Croes

    Let the tiger also visit the Taoist Tai Chi Society in Aruba (Dutch Caribbean).

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