Health Recovery Weekend in Orangeville (April 23–25)

Health Recovery programs provide the opportunity to deepen your understanding of how the Taoist Tai Chi™ internal arts of health improve the quality of life for all of us, especially those facing difficult challenges. While these programs usually run for a full week, this is a rare opportunity to experience Health Recovery over a weekend. The program starts on April 23rd at 8:00 pm and ends at noon on the 25th. This is also a good opportunity for members to introduce Taoist Tai Chi™ internal arts of health to family and friends who could benefit by attending. Non-members are welcome. The cost is $150 (F&A $60, Fundraising $90). For further details, view the poster. If you wish to attend as a participant or as an assistant instructor, please complete and return the appropriate form.


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One response to “Health Recovery Weekend in Orangeville (April 23–25)

  1. Catherine Todd

    I had the pleasure and priviledge of attending the Health Recovery week-end at the International Centre this past week-end. As many of you may know , it was the re-introduction of this as a week-end experience and I sincerely hope that the Society will consider continuing the practice . It was an awesome experience . As a Taoist Tai Chi practicioner for just a little over two years , I was familiar with Health Recovery but really did not appreciate what it entailed or , in fact , the power of this art that we practice , until to-day. I have to admit that I attended to gain some information about teaching . I am hoping to be approved to teach beginners for the autumn and wanted to better understand how I could make that a positive experience for new students who might have some limitation and also to appreciate when to direct people specifically to a health recovery class. I certainly acquired that but so much more . This internal art of Taoist Tai Chi is amazing in what it can achieve for all of us , be we severely limited as regards mobility or not . I have seen the benefits with my own eyes and they are incredible . Should the Society offer this week-end again , I would highly recommend it and , of course , if you have the opportunity to attend the week long sessions I know they are equally awesome . Thank-you to everyone who made the week-end so memorable , the teachers , the staff at the centre and of course the other participants .

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