Tiger Trails: ¿Dónde está el Tigre? In Spain!

Madrid, home to the Prado Museum, cutting-edge architecture, more than 3 million people, and a dynamic branch of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Spain recently hosted a distinguished guest: the International Taoist Tai Chi Society’s Tiger. “El Tigre,” as he is known locally, arrived in Madrid from Hungary by train on March 21. Slightly jet lagged, the following day he visited Madrid’s Suanzes location, where he stayed until the March 25. Fearless of public transit, El Tigre took the subway from Suanzes to the Tetuan club, where he prowled around for two days.

Participants at the Rama Madrid-Cuenca-Javea intensive gained new insight from El Tigre on "carry," "strike," and "shoot" tiger movements in the set.

On the 27th, El Tigre flew from Madrid to Palma de Mallorca, where he assisted at the intensive held by the Palma branch. Participants at the intensive report that they gained new insight into “Carry Tiger to the Mountain,” and were grateful for an unexpected correction that made “Stike Tiger,” and “Draw Bow to Shoot Tiger” less potentially dangerous. El Tigre was back in Madrid later that same evening. One final stop at Madrid’s Paracuellos club, and on March 31 El Tigre returned to the Saunzes club, where he will rest until his next journey.

El Tigre visits a Wednesday continuing class in the Suanzes, Madrid branch.

The ITTCS tiger comes to a Friday continuing class at the Tetuan, Madrid location.

For more pictures of El Tigre prowling around Spain, see this collection of photos.


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  1. Jean Folan

    After the Grand Opening in Madrid the Tiger travelled to Ireland and has spent a week with the Ballina Club, attending classes and an Open Garden fundraiser for the new Taoist Tai Chi centre in Ballina. He travelled down to Limerick for a practise day and will head to the Castlebar classes on Wednesday and move on to Tubbercurry later this week.

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