Tiger Trails: The European Travel Diaries of a Tiger

We’ve just received word from our traveling tiger, whose been making his way around Europe. Not one to let Icelandic volcanic ash get in the way of his path, tiger has been to Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands since he last checked in. What follows is an excerpt of his travel journal. For more up-to-the-minute information on his whereabouts (with photos), visit Where Is the Tiger.

18 April 2010: Łódź, Poland

Due to the volcanic ash, I couldn’t travel by plane the workshop in the Netherlands. Most of my friends had to make new travel arrangements. I was invited to travel from Poland with three of my new Dutch friends. I’m on my way to Holland!

Due to the volcanic ash from Iceland, I had to drive from Poland to the Netherlands.

19 April 2010: Berlin, Germany

I spent the night near Berlin. After a good night’s rest my friends and I proceeded toward the Netherlands. I’m looking forward to meeting some new friends who carry me to my next mountain!

20 April 2010: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

I visited a beginner class in Rotterdam today. The people worked very hard and I think they did very well!

Here I am at a Beginner's Class in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

21 April 2010: Rijswijk, The Netherlands

Today I visited the clubhouse in Rijswijk, Holland. It’s a very nice place. I joined a Continuing Class and also a Health Recovery Class while I was there. When they struck me left and right I asked them to do it softly! Tomorrow someone will pick me up for my next trip!

What a nice clubhouse they have in Rijswijk, The Netherlands!

That's me, still at the Rijswijk branch.

Here I'm assisting at a Health Recover Class in Rijswijk.

23 April 2010: Barskamp, Germany

I arrived today at the International Workshop in Barksamp, Germany, where I met many new friends from different nationalities. I assisted the workshop until Sunday.

Me and my new friends from all over Europe at the International Workshop in Barskamp, Germany.

24 April 2010: Brussels, Belgium

Now that the ash has cleared, I was able to fly to Brussels. I can’t wait for my next adventures!

Here I am in Brussels, after flying from the workshop from Germany (and boy are my arms tired!).

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