Update from the Netherlands: The Netherlands Centre Building Has Been Purchased!

The several-years-long search for a suitable new building in the Netherlands has finally come to an end, and to a new start. After this particular building was found for sale, the persistence to overcome all kinds of difficulties in order to be able to buy it and use it as a training facility for Taoist Tai Chi ™ internal arts of health paid off after almost two more years. In this year of the tiger, on May 6, the papers were signed, witnessed by the Tiger from Hungary, who is traveling to Toronto (the long way) to our 40th anniversary.

Toasting the new Netherlands Centre building. (Note the all-wise tiger, who was present for the closing.)

This enormous learning experience could not have come to this exciting stage without the tremendous support and trust we received from the members of the boards of the International Taoist Tai Chi Society and the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism, for which we are very grateful. The patience and care with which we were guided during this process felt heart-warming and reassuring. We have every confidence that with the help of all we can make this place into a new home.

An inaugural set in the new building.

The new Netherlands Centre building needs a lot of work, something we have also seen elsewhere within the Society. As soon as the key was handed over, we put the logo of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the Netherlands above the front door and put some posters behind the windows. Already during these first hours several curious people strolled along to find out what was going on. And like what has been said many times and what is so very true: to get life into this building we will start classes at the Mierloseweg 140 in Helmond as soon as we possibly can.

Report submitted by member Ankie Boumans


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One response to “Update from the Netherlands: The Netherlands Centre Building Has Been Purchased!

  1. Philomena Pretsell

    Hi Ankie and everyone over there.
    Congratulations and well done!

    We are waiting for the surveyors report on Marionville premises here in Edinburgh and trying not to get too excited.

    All the best from the Edinburgh Branch

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