Tiger Diplomacy: European–Style

The tiger and friends outside the European Commission Building.

The beginning of May brought the Society’s tiger to the European capital of Brussels for a tour of the European Commission Building and Schuman Square. Then it was off to Helmond in The Netherlands, where the tiger witnessed the signing of the purchase papers for another  new Center for the Society in Europe. Next stop, Lamballe, France, where the tiger participated in a Grand Opening and an International Workshop.

The tiger posed with a harpist who played at the Grand Opening in Lamballe, France.

The tiger took its first sea voyage aboard a ferry from France to Portsmouth, Great Britain. A car brought the tiger to Salisbury, Wilts, for beginning and continuing classes, then another International Workshop in South Wales, where the tiger practiced crossing his paws centrally. Next he snuck into two intensives, practically unnoticed.

The tiger with friends in Newport, South Wales.

From Great Britain, the tiger took a train to Copenhagen for another workshop. Then it was back to Brussels for a brief interlude before a train ride to Switzerland to visit friends in Lucerne, Bern, and Lausanne. Click for more photos of the tiger with all of his friends in all of the places he visited.

The tiger on a train in Switzerland, traveling from Bern to Lausanne.


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2 responses to “Tiger Diplomacy: European–Style

  1. Dana

    Wow! We’re getting a little jealous over here in North America watching all this. Great job Tigers! Hugs – Dana.

    (Only 66 Sleeps ’til International Awareness Day!)

  2. Ok, so where is the tiger now?

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