Spanish Consul General Visits International Centre

Today the Spanish Consul General came up from Toronto to visit the International Taoist Tai Chi Centre. Senor Julio Fernández Torrejón was a gracious guest and expressed real interest in the Centre, the Health Recovery Week that was in progress and the Society in general.  We are honoured by his visit.  He and three colleagues spent the morning touring the Centre and briefly visiting the Health Recovery Program.  There were many questions and lively conversations – most about the Society but some about the scores of the World Cup games! Spain was playing that morning. The tour guide especially wants to say she had a wonderful morning.  Blaise was in top form and when the tour was over we enjoyed a fabulous lunch!  Following our lunch Phill Atwood presented Senor Torrejón with an invitation to our Awareness Day celebration on August 14th at the Toronto Centre on Ohio Road in Richmond Hill.

The Consul General for Spain, Senor Julio Fernández Torrejón is presented with the Society's 40th Anniversary International Awareness Day invitation by Phill Atwood.

Senor Torrejón became aware of the Society when he attended one of our banquets and met many Society members.  He says that this event impressed him and his return to the Centre was to introduce a friend to the Health Recovery Program.  His friend, who has had a stroke, will be joining the Society in Madrid when he returns to Spain in several weeks. Senor Torrejón will himself be returning to Spain shortly but he has said that he will be keeping in touch with Carmen Capilla and all the Society members in Madrid which is his home. Sometime soon we are sure that Senor Torrejón will be enjoying more banquets – this time at our new Centre in Madrid!

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  1. Lesley

    Well done everyone

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