It Must Be Summer: Continuing Class By a Lake in Sudbury, Ont.

As the summer progresses, branches are taking advantage of the weather to hold classes outside the four walls of their locations. Since the last two weeks in June and through August, the Wednesday continuing class of the Sudbury, Ontario, club has been held along the boardwalk next to Ramsey Lake. Members share the lake and park with dragon boaters, kayakers, sailors, and drummers. All are welcome.



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3 responses to “It Must Be Summer: Continuing Class By a Lake in Sudbury, Ont.

  1. taking tai chi into the community……is’nt it great for the intention…on so many levels……the monday night beginers class in sligo……ireland….has been doing Taoist tai chi… The Holy Hill Hermitage….on the first sunday of each month they open the doors and invite the community….. this is the second month that we have taken part…..along with one of the the monks….brother Thomas who learn taoist tai chi in colarado…..14 beings enjoying taoist tai chi in sun…….

  2. Gary Mittleman

    I am jealous.. It must be nice to be on the water.
    Richmond Hill (Ohio Road) just cannot compete with lakefront.

    Enjoy it.

  3. Colette Adams

    Hi everyone

    Great pictures, wish I was there, I am in Guelph this week, but will be back in Sudbury after a great summer in Cambridge, Maxville North Bay, Montreal, Fergus, and Arnprior. Hope to make the next class on the Lake. Great pictures every month. Happy Summer everyone.


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