Testimonial: A Life Change in Whitby

In celebration of our 40th anniversary, we asked members around the world to share how Taoist Tai Chi® has affected their lives. We’ll be posting these testimonials periodically on the blog.

“I started Taoist Tai Chi™ internal arts of health lessons at age 75. I couldn’t walk 10 steps without pain. Four years later I am teaching beginners the art that has changed my life.”
Kit Way-Nee (Whitby, Canada)


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2 responses to “Testimonial: A Life Change in Whitby

  1. Cliff Yerex

    This is the second member to have their testimonial published and I met them and did taiji beside them during CIT Week. What a testimonial to me now! No one could have known they had any such health problems by watching their taiji! Beautiful!

  2. Paulette Fawcett

    I too had the pleasure to practice alongside Kit brief though it was, I was touched by her. I also had the honour to hear her speak of the history of Fung Loy Kok. Thank you Kit, I shall remember you always. Paulette

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