Notes on Anatomy and Physiology: Taking a Break

If you are one of our blog’s regular readers who has come to love and look forward to Dr. Bruce McFarlane’s regular weekly posts about the anatomy and physiology behind the practice of Taoist Tai Chi, please take note. In order to take the time necessary to get ready for the largest-ever CIT Week and Awareness Day celebrations, and to tend to other matters, Dr. McFarlane is going to be taking a brief hiatus from his textbooks and his computer. He’ll begin posting regularly again after Labor Day (that’s the first Monday in September for our international members). Stay tuned.



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3 responses to “Notes on Anatomy and Physiology: Taking a Break

  1. Betty Fleet

    Thanks so much for your articles, I look forward to seeing more as time becomes available to you. This has become a wonderful reference, and expansion of understanding of what is happening when we practice.

  2. I agree with Betty -such a wonderful and beneficial reference available to us all. Thank you Dr.Bruce.

  3. These posts are great! 🙂
    I was initially slightly disappointed as the title of the post lead me to believe I’d be reading about the physiological side of the benefits of taking a break… But hey, everyone needs breaks, especially when they produce such quality writing. 🙂

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