40th Anniversary CIT Week Begins in Orangeville

More than 650 members of the Society representing 24 countries have gathered at the International Taoist Tai Chi Centre in Orangeville, Ontario, to begin a week of instruction, education, sharing, socializing, cultural exchange, and celebration. “That there are so many of us here today speaks to the power of Mister Moy’s vision,” said Dr. Karen Laughlin, president of the International Taoist Tai chi Society, who welcomed members under a giant tent erected on the Society’s 100-acre campus to accommodate the record-breaking group. Master Moy Lin-shin founded the Society in Toronto in 1970 to spread the health and healing benefits of Taoist Tai Chi (TM) internal arts to as many people as possible.



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3 responses to “40th Anniversary CIT Week Begins in Orangeville

  1. Marylou Anderson

    We will be celebrating with you by sharing the blog all week in Sarasota – thinking of you!!!!! Wish we were ALL there with you. The first picture is GREAT – keep them coming.


  2. Donna Burbidge

    I am a new beginner, but I have benefitted already, with my back. Would love to see all of the people at Orangeville. Is there a place to order different shirts??

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