Testimonial: Quality of Life Improved for MS Sufferer in Amsterdam

In celebration of our 40th anniversary, we asked members around the world to share how Taoist Tai Chi® has affected their lives. We’ll be posting these testimonials periodically on the blog.

“I have Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, but Taoist Tai Chi™ internal arts of health gave me a substantially better quality of life. My balance improved, I can control my leg spasms, my bladder condition recovered, and my digestion and immunity system became stronger. I am happier, more flexible, open and secure than before, knowing that I can choose to do something that really helps me.”
Mariëtte Swagerman (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)



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4 responses to “Testimonial: Quality of Life Improved for MS Sufferer in Amsterdam

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  2. Lucie

    way to go sister! keep up the good work, you deserve it all.

    in Love & Light,


  3. Cliff Yerex

    Mariette was a participant with me in Health Recovery Week and was in my small practice group at CIT Week. She is courageous, determined, committed, cheerful and happy! I couldn’t believe her work ethic, especially on those very hot days. She sets an example for us all!
    Just standing is a chore for her, but she was determined to stand and do the set! She fell a couple of times practicing the taiji set; so hard I heard her joints pop each time. She kept declining the outstretched hands for help until she managed to regain a standing position and continue the set. Not bad for someone who must use a wheelchair to get around!
    She mentioned that her standing was tremendously improved after about 3 or 4 days doing taiji.

  4. Mariëtte Swagerman

    When you get the diagnose MS,everybody tells you that you can’t stand heat anymore.
    So when the sun came trough, i did what the docter told me.I took extra rest,locked my door and stayed in bed.
    a few years ago i decided tot test myself, because i realy love the sun.
    Most people with MS know pain.For me it is always there,every day even as the sickness.You never feel realy well in youre body
    Trough practising Taoist Tai Chi every day, i learned tot live beside the pain.I am not the pain anymore!I notice it ,i cant do anything about it.It simply is always there.It works the same with heat.I know i am more weak also in my mind.But i don’t care.I ignore it and enjoy the sun as much as possible

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