CIT Week Update: Working Hard from Morning To Night

The second day of CIT week, Monday, began with two sets in the giant tent erected on the property at the International Taoist Tai Chi Center in Orangeville.

The first set of the day.

But an impressive downpour and thunderstorm made continuing in the tent untenable. So we moved to the beautiful practice hall in late afternoon…

Moving from the tent to the practice hall.

…where we continued our instruction until past 10 p.m., ending the night with some six-hundred-plus members doing toryus in unison.

"Hands out, and let them go."



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4 responses to “CIT Week Update: Working Hard from Morning To Night

  1. Norbert Tarjányi

    Over 600 inside the practise hall….simply great! I was there for 2008 CIT, we were about 480 and it looked full … now I see it was not 🙂 Beautiful photo 🙂

  2. Betty Schmidt

    I’m enjoying all the posts about CIT Week, and sharing them with the classes back home. It looks like a great week, full of challenges and joy. We miss you!!

  3. People thought the practice hall was too big when it was built, and a few short years later we need to expand it… Just amazing!

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