Extra! Extra! Read all about the Taoist Tai Chi Society in these National Media

Taoist Tai Chi Society flags adorn the entire Orangeville campus.

Due to the strong work of a team of volunteer Society directors and members who are coordinating media and public relations efforts, the 40th anniversary of the International Taoist Tai Chi Society, CIT Week, Awareness Day, and all the other wonderful events happening this week are already making national headlines. Today’s Toronto Star ran an informative article about the 40th anniversary and the health benefits of the Taoist Tai Chi™ internal arts of health that was put out on the Canadian Press wire. Several international directors were quoted, including our regular blogger Dr. Bruce McFarlane, who noted how our practice affords another option to people with a wide range of illness, including Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Arthritis.

Yesterday’s Vancouver Sun also ran a comprehensive piece that underscored the organization’s aims and objectives, which in addition to promoting health, including promoting community. Stay tuned to The Tiger’s Mouth for more links as they come available. And if you happen to see something online about us that you’re not sure others have seen, email us the link.

And here’s a great video on the Globe and Mail‘s Health and Fitness page that you’ll want to watch.


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