BREAKING NEWS: NYC Mayor Bloomberg Issues ITTCS Proclamation

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

The Honorable Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of the City of New York, today issued an official mayoral proclamation declaring Saturday, August 14 “International Taoist Tai Chi Awareness Day.”

Joining thousands of members around the world, the New York City branch will be demonstrating the 108-moves of the Taoist Tai Chi set tomorrow at 14h00 GMT (10 a.m. EDT). Part of the annual Summer Streets program—during which a major artery stretching several miles from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park is closed to vehicular traffic—the demonstration will bring together New York members and guests at the Upper Rest Stop at 51st St. and Park Avenue at 9:30 am for their Awareness Day festivities.

Other Awareness Day events are happening around the world. Wherever they are, the 40,000 global members of the Taoist Tai Chi Society, the largest nonprofit tai chi organization in the world, are encouraged to stop and complete a set at the same moment.



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2 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: NYC Mayor Bloomberg Issues ITTCS Proclamation

  1. We first heard about it when Susan, a TTCS N.Y. member, who was visiting Montreal on August 14th, joined our 40th anniversary local demo with the Montreal Branch, Plateau location members at the “top of the mountain” on the famous Belvedere of Mount Royal park. She proudly told all of us: “Did you know that the mayor of NYC has declared that today is Taoist Tai Chi Awareness Day ?” Whaow! It keeps getting better! What a long way from the day when Mr. Moy left NYC to come to Canada with a small suitcase…

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