A Truly International Celebration

Flags from around the world line the street as lions and dragons dance to the sound of drums.

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6 responses to “A Truly International Celebration

  1. Chris Ellicott

    Chicago joined the celebration with 18 members completing two sets!

  2. Rob Cermak

    Fairbanks, Alaska joined the celebration at 6 am local time with 2 sets with 18 people.

  3. Tracey Pickup

    Calgary joined the celebration at 8 am with over 30 people. Three sets, foundations and lok hup!

  4. marylou anderson

    Sarasota, FL joined in with just over 100 – and a congee breakfast!

  5. Fiona King

    about 450 people in Perth Scotland (& at least 2 other Perth’s around the world) We were very civilised? 3pm in the afternoon…

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