A Record-Breaking Awareness Day Banquet

As if the preceding seven days of festivities weren’t enough, the 40th Anniversary Awareness Day celebration ended with a record-breaking banquet. Andrew Hung gave the official count as 1,374 people, more than have ever been served at the Orangeville facilities. Here are just a few snapshots of the proceedings. As photos come in we’ll post a larger selection images to really capture a taste of this extraordinary affair.

Wonderful cheeses from our Région de l'est.

Our tiger is looking for the next stamp in its passport.

NYC members Oren and Larry Fader performed to a standing ovation.

Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" as a giant 40th anniversary cake emerged from the kitchen.



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3 responses to “A Record-Breaking Awareness Day Banquet

  1. Crispin Barker

    What a fantastic event for the Society and great to see these moments being recorded like this.

    thank you

  2. Fiona King

    I was excited by being in Perth Scotland and having a bit of leftover millionaire shortbread. I am enjoying seeing photos and comments from around the world about this fantastic joining.

  3. chris berrill

    great to see the IAD video on utube, and terrific photos from Lodz and Orangeville
    Our small group in the SW of W. Australia celebrated on a chilly winter evening with tea and cake, (and a small nip of port) warm-up exercises and 2 sets at 10 pm in candlelight.
    Photos to follow

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