Images from Around the World of Taoist Tai Chi

It was 14h00 GMT and people around the world completed the 108-move set Taoist Tai Chi for our special 40th anniversary Awareness Day celebration.

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7 responses to “Images from Around the World of Taoist Tai Chi

  1. Barbara Cahill

    A beautiful night in Brisbane, Queensland Australia – we had a beautiful (but a little cool) Tai Chi “Midnight in the Park” with approximately 35 people who enjoyed the view over the city whilst we did our sets. Then finished with an after-midnight feast.
    Thanks for the experience, we were thinking of all the other countries joining in with us!

  2. It was Hot and humid afternoon outside the “East Asian” museum, with a great view over Stockholm. We where about 25 and started off with a picnic. At the sound of church bells ringing four o’clock, we did a set. Our thoughts went to all members across the world.

  3. Glenn Humphries

    Wellington, New Zealand at 2am a hearty 21 members turned up for a set with the rest of the world at our clubrooms at The Home of Compassion. Followed by pancakes with real maple syrup/ lemon and sugar / banana for all. It was a lot of fun and reminded some of us of those late night times at Orangeville…

    • Terryl Miseck

      In a fresh clear morning, between 60 and 70 Edmonton branch members did sets around the city and area to join the sets around the world. Our group were at End of Steel Park at the top of the North Saskatchewan River valley with the city skyline in view. After foundations to warm up and two sets, we walked to the farmers market for coffee, muffins, and a great hour long visit.

  4. Jean Pennington

    In Mount Isa ,Queensland , Australia , we gathered for a cup of coffee at a local club before proceding to the City lookout for a set at midnight. We had 11 members turn up to brave the cool air. There should be some photos being sent through with us in front of the lights from the mine. An enjoyable time was had by all .

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