More Awareness Day Details from Around the World

International director Sean Dennison is interviewed for tv in Toronto

And the reports from the “Taoist Tai Chi Around the World” celebrations continue to come in. Here are a few more highlights:

From Vancouver, British Columbia, Jim Nicholson reports that they had a nice early morning set on the waterfront, beautiful weather and a lovely location. About 120 people made the effort to be there for 7 am local time. A lot of the early morning joggers and cyclists stopped to watch. Global TV also came, and we had about 90 seconds on the noon news.

Sarasota, Florida, joined in with over 100 participants – and a congee breakfast.

Thirty members from the Louisville, Kentucky, branch counted down the seconds and did a set on the Ohio River at 10 am local time. Half way through the set a reporter from the local news station pulled up to film the action. The temperatures were steamy and they all christened our Awareness Day t-shirts with lots of beloved sweat.

Calgary, Alberta, joined the celebration at 8 am local time with over 30 people. Three sets, foundations, and lok hup!

More than 20 members in Perth, Ontario, joined the celebration, doing the set under a beautiful sunny sky.

From the photos it looks like more than 100 members joined in the fun in Lodz, Poland, where the celebrations included a very public demonstration in the town square and a wonderful banquet.

Fourteen members turned out in Billings, Montana, for two sets in the park, after which everyone dried off at local coffee house.

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2 responses to “More Awareness Day Details from Around the World

  1. What a fun filled week! Lot’s of learning, discovery, friends, inspiration, humbleness, hard work, satisfaction,admiration, respect.
    And let’s not forget, a lot of good food 🙂

  2. Jim Doiron

    I was part of the Louisville, KY group. It was great fun and despite the heat there was a great breeze on the riverfront. We had a small spot on the news from that reporter that showed up. Even better, the reporter said it was something he and his wife were interested in doing so we may have two new members out of it!

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