More Images from the Celebration Around the World

Photos are still coming in from branches around the world that completed the 108-move set Taoist Tai Chi for our special 40th anniversary Awareness Day celebration at 14h00 GMT. Here’s a selection of the latest from around the world.

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2 responses to “More Images from the Celebration Around the World

  1. Nigel Painter

    Hi everyone,
    I took part in a magical day in Colchester, England. Our region gather in Castle Park and at 3-00pm local time 500 of us took part in a tai chi set. It was magical. What had seemed like an enormous grassed area 5 hours earlier when the first set took place was suddenly filled by hundreds of smiling people. The thrill of doing tai chi with so many other people was matched by the thought that all round the world, in dozens of countries, hundreds of other people were doing exactly the same.
    A truely unforgettable experience.
    I hope you will all join the GB Society next year for our 30th Anniversary.

  2. Gill Baldwin-Ives

    Hi all
    I was part of the group that met in Ballina and did a tai chi set at 3pm. I felt humbled to be a part of something that was echoed around the world. I also felt that lots of positive energy was being put out something I believe the world needs right now.
    Thanks to all who made this possible
    Love and Light to all

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