All Souls Day Celebration 2010

Members from around the world gathered at D'Arcy Street for the All Souls Day festival.

Fung Loy Kok hosted another very successful All Souls Festival at D’Arcy Street this August 20–22, with both Confucian and Taoist chanting included in the celebration.

Each year the gate of the realm of the dead is opened for the first half of the Lunar 7th month. The souls of the deceased, including any lost and hungry souls can be blessed and receive offerings and gift packages from their families or friends during the All Souls Festival. At this time the living can also provide their deceased families or friends paper money, paper clothing etc. to ease their conditions in the realm of the dead. Most importantly, the souls are invited to come and listen to the chanting. We hope that these souls will listen to the wisdom in the sutras, and become free by resolving any attachment, entanglements, or conflicts they had during their lifetimes.

The table setting for Lei Yau.

This year the Taoist chanting was led by Mr. and Mrs. Tam and the Confucian chanting was led by Marsha Eberhardt (FLK President), Willie Chiu (FLK Director), Sean Dennison (FLK Director), and Bernard Voyer (FLK Director). Willie introduced a special, new ceremony, Lei Yau, to deliver the souls from suffering,  feed the souls, invite them to listen to the teachings, and find peace.

We had a large number of chanters this year, which included members from all over the world.  They were all very happy they attended and they felt there was great benefit from all the chanting. In total, there were 491 gift bags sold, which was 51 bags more than last year.  The total money raised from the gift bags and donations was $17,570.

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