Branch Report: Tallahassee’s Annual Awareness Day Grows

For years, the Taoist Tai Chi of the USA headquarters in Tallahassee celebrated Awareness Day with a local event that attracted 50 to 60 members. But two years ago they tried to build the event to encourage out-of-town members to join in the celebration. This year’s festivities on September 11 and 12 proved the most successful yet, with more than 100 people from across the Southeast Reagion participating in a full weekend of events that included:

  • An Instructor Forum on Friday night for over 50 instructors from the Southeast Region to discuss the balance, comfort, and fun message.
  • The annual Awareness Day celebration on Saturday morning in the park with about 100 members.
  • A Jai lunch and open house back at the center.
  • A physiology intensive on Saturday afternoon with Karen Laughlin and Dr. Vicki Bates.
  • A special Health and Longevity Banquet for 100 people on Saturday night, featuring a Cuban menu prepared by the Miami Branch, now the largest branch in the US with more than 300 members. Miami memers prepared the food, roasting the Cuban-style pork in outdoor Caja China ovens carted from Miami that are heated with charcoal on the top (originally a Vietnamese oven but now popular with Cuban cooks), and joined in at the park.
  • Sunday morning chanting of the Health and Longevity Sutra, followed by an Orangeville Breakfast prepared by the Tampa Bay Branches for about 60 members.

The success of this special weekend in Tallahassee and the growth of the events in just two years time are testaments to what can be done when everyone puts their minds to it and many hands pitch it.

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