A Grand Opening in Denver

Every Grand Opening is a special event, and the inauguration of a new building in Denver this weekend was no exception. Members from around the country made their way to the mile-high city in advance of the festivities to help with preparations for the more than 350 guests who joined in the Grand Opening celebration and who were treated to a special vegetarian jai banquet. Five lions danced as part of the ceremony to bring prosperity and good luck to all. Joined by international and national directors, Jane Edwards, president of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the U.S.A., presided over the event.

The workshop, led by Tony Kwong, was attended by 133 members, making it the largest workshop ever held in the western U.S. As if participants needed to be reminded where they were, Sunday morning’s breakfast was served at the majestic Red Rocks, where the 110 people who attended also did some Tai Chi, of course. According to the local organizers, it was a joyous and transformative weekend for everyone. As David Weiss, of the New York City branch put it, “Doing the set at the Red Rocks Park beyond belief. I cannot really put it all into words except to say I feel like a beginner all over again.”

Luckily, photographer Frank Duffy was one of the participants. The slide show below includes photos of the preparations, the celebrations, and the workshop. There are a lot of images, so take a moment to watch. You are bound to feel like you were part of the celebration.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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4 responses to “A Grand Opening in Denver

  1. judy millen

    The Denver Opening looks fabulous! Congrats to all on the new building and a wonderfully put together workshop and celebration. The slide show does make me feel a part of it.

  2. marie pierson

    I’d like to echo Judy’s congratulations on your Grand Opening. What a fabulous home.
    Best wishes for the future!

  3. The demo at Red Rocks Park looks awesome. As the Chinese proverb goes: “A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials.” All the hard work paid off. Congratulations Denver!

  4. Margo Yntema

    Such spirit in members, and in place! Congratulations!

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