108 Guests Meet and Greet in Halifax


The Meet-and-Greet Luncheon in Halifax...

The Halifax Branch held its first “Meet and Greet Luncheon” on Saturday, October 16, intended to have people new to the branch mingle with folks who have been around longer. The 108 members who attended were split almost evenly between beginners and continuing students. A simple Chinese meal of lemon chicken , roasted sesame pork tenderloin, stir fried vegetables, and rice was served. Everyone had a great time, and the event far exceeded expectations in terms of participation and new friendships formed. Without any prompting or instruction, the beginners cleared tables, washed dishes, swept floor, stacked chairs, and put away tables. They toured the building, asked questions, bought T-shirts, and even a few raffle tickets. We had about forty members stay behind to do Tai Chi. It was a great day and a great model for other branches to help integrate and acculturate new members to the branch and the Society.

Was followed by a set, of course.


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