Cultural Exchange, Anyone?

On Saturday September 25th, as part of the Canada-wide celebration of Culture Days, the Taoist Tai Chi Society’s dragon walked in Stratford.  Early in the week the dragon made the trip down from the International Centre to the Society’s location in Stratford. Society members from Stratford were joined by more members from Kitchener-Waterloo, New Hamburg and  Tillsonburg to help each other carry the dragon through the streets of Stratford. In preparation, many members gathered to practise the night before and on the day of the event a family with two young children joined us on the walk with the baby dragon. A fun time was had by all! The dragon was home and tucked away in the cozy confines of the practise hall by Sunday evening.

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4 responses to “Cultural Exchange, Anyone?

  1. So cute…
    One day little dragon will become big dragon!

  2. How cool! Wish I was there 🙂 (Well, for that, but not for winter! LOL). That dragon needs to walk a little south… to Texas!

  3. Liz Litts

    I just recently joined the Scottsdale AZ branch of the Society. I am so excited at being a part of something like this! I have been studying Tai chi for the last five years and I can’t help saying that I love the pure Joy of being around these guys here in Scottsdale. It’s worth the hour trip from Mesa, just to join the party!!!

  4. Liz Litts

    Loved the article. I just joined the Scottsdale AZ branch and was impressed by the joy that I found there.
    I have been studying Tai chi for five years and it’s go to go to a place were people arrive and leave smiling!

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