Stratford Branch Seals the Deal on a New Building

On October 29, 2010, at 5 pm, the Stratford Branch celebrated the closing of the deal for a new building at 670 Ontario St. with a champagne party. In June of 2009 Stratford received a suggestion from the directors to look for a bigger home to serve as a meeting place for Central Region’s southwest area.  So the search began.

After much viewing of buildings and waiting for the final acceptance and clearances, the search ended. Stratford Branch appreciates the great interest, support and input from the ITTCS, TTCS of Canada, and CRMC.

As the pictures show,  there is still a long way to go but we are excited and enthusiastic. With everyone working together we will make the space as warm and welcoming as our present club. Stratford Branch appreciates the opportunity to bring together the clubs in the southwest area.

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7 responses to “Stratford Branch Seals the Deal on a New Building

  1. Pat Bradley-White

    Congratulations TTCS Stratford!

  2. Sheila Durrant

    Congratulations, Stratford. 2010-11 are going to be a busy years for you.

  3. Wendy Rotteveel

    hallo all in Stratford,

    looks great, have fun fixing up! congratulations to you all.


  4. Liz Litts


  5. the best of luck ………for the new building
    ………and barrow-loads of good wishes in this development ………… to each and everyone of you….who were…….who are…….and who shall be …….. part of this new development…….from those who look from the shores of the north-west of ireland………we’re gonna make it to Stratford one of these days……sligo beginners……

  6. i appear to have sent two … wishes comments…..hmmmm!!!!!……the edited one was the one intended……many thanks

  7. Jim Gillone

    Good to see you in your new home
    Watch this space………..

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