A Sunny Saturday in Someren

The change of weather in Someren happened just about as quickly as we could adapt to a bigger-than-expected group doing the set. Today at the International Instructors Workshop in the Netherlands we went outside and enjoyed stretching in the open air with the warmth of the sunlight on our backs and a beautiful view before us.

Some 255 members have now arrived. We are especially enjoying the snake-practise. Everyone is invited to do 50 snakes a day—not all at once…wow…what a relief!—for at least half a year. So, are you joining us?

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One response to “A Sunny Saturday in Someren

  1. having missed the workshop…….I shall at the very least……..take part in the…..50 snakes a day for 6 mths……the workshop looked…….and sounds…..great……bringing bigger smiles than ever……to our faces……from the beginers in sligo…..north west of ireland……

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