NYC Hosts National Workshop with International Instructor

The NYC branch welcomed Judy Millen this past weekend to lead a national workshop. Some 46 members packed themselves into the branch’s tight quarters. Recalling Master Moy’s early workshops at Darcy Street, the first instruction Judy offered was how to maintain the flow and rhythm of the set when you are pressed up against a wall. But the high price of Manhattan real estate didn’t deter anyone from attending. Members from as far away as Mexico, and New Hampshire, as well as New York State branches in Buffalo, Syracuse, and Ithaca were all represented. In keeping with the Society’s objective of cultural exchange, during the weekend participants made their way through banquets at three favorite Chinese restaurants, including Oriental Garden, Ginger House, and Chef Yu. Lunch on the last day highlighted the city’s cultural diversity in a different way—with traditional NY pizzas and a potluck that included latkes (potato pancakes for Hanukah), halvah, rugelach, homemade baklava, and an assortment of salads.

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3 responses to “NYC Hosts National Workshop with International Instructor

  1. Congratulations N.Y.C. on the completion of your weekend………
    doing my nightly check on the tigers mouth blog……
    up you pop……
    pics/ words/smiles…..once again many thank-you’s……..
    from the icy/snowy/house-bound north-west of Ireland…..

    • shasta


      Wishing you the best from the icy snowy Montana USA. We have started winter with a big storm a couple weeks ago and it has not melted yet, but it has not kept me from going to taoist tai chi class. I love Ireland, haven’t been there since the 1980’s. Do you want to be my “pen pall”?

  2. Sheila Durrant

    This looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend. Congratulations, NYC.

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