Step Up to Roll Sushi: Cooking Class at Bathurst Location

On Saturday, December 4, 2011, longtime Society member Hiroko Keith taught a sushi-making class at Toronto’s Bathurst location. The event was conceived as both a fundraiser and a social gathering intended to bring daytime and nighttime students together—getting these two groups to interact has been a goal of the location. The class included a demonstration, an explanation of techniques and ingredients, and a chance to make your own sushi. Said location co-leader Leslie Davis, “It was like watching tai chi, in that Hiroko’s simple movements made it look much easier than it actually was.” As an added bonus for the $10 donation, participants got to eat what they and their fellow members made for lunch. Remarked Davis, “There will probably be more sushi at our next potluck.”

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2 responses to “Step Up to Roll Sushi: Cooking Class at Bathurst Location

  1. what a lovely way to bring the two classes together……and to learn how to make such delights…..not to mention eating….yum….yum….them…..
    best wishes….from north-west of Ireland

  2. Elisabeth Rigault

    Bathurst location members are creative. Kudos to Hiroko!
    Happy Holidays from snowy Montreal

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