The Tiger Visits New Zealand

The tiger has made a surprise appearance in the Southern Hemisphere, turning up in Rotorua, New Zealand, just in time for an international workshop. We thought we heard a purr or two as he watched all the hard work and fun as Tony Kwong instructed us for five days in November. The tiger also took part in a festive banquet as we celebrated 20 years of Taoist Tai Chi in New Zealand and 40 years internationally.

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4 responses to “The Tiger Visits New Zealand

  1. That’s where he got to……!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dana

    New Zealand – no Way!

    Way! I guess. And Way to go Tiger!

    Where to Next! …I wonder…

  3. Liz LItts

    Wow, it is really something to be part of a global community!

  4. Sandra Wilson

    Tiger is in Australia. Pictures coming.

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