New Year’s Celebrations in Toronto and New York

Members of Toronto's Bathurst location did a set just before and after midnight.

Many branches and clubs around the world celebrated the arrival of 2011 in one way or another. Here are two stories, one from Toronto’s Bathurst location, the other from the New York City branch. What did you and your branch do? Leave comments below.

A Midnight Set in Toronto

On the last day of 2010 a number of Society members decided to gather to ring out the old year and start 2011 in good health with friends. The event, instigated by veteran member Ray Bakey, saw fourteen members, from 8 years old to…um…a bit older, gather at the Bathurst location late in the evening on December 31. They did a final set to see out the 40th anniversary year at about 11:35 pm. Then they took some time to chat with friends and enjoy festive treats and libations while they waited for midnight. After a chorus of Auld Lang Syne, they went back to the practice hall to start off the new year healthily with another set. At the end of it everyone agreed that we’d make plans on December 31, 2011, to celebrate the second annual Bathurst tai chi New Year’s party to embrace the 2012 in health and style.

New Year’s Day Big Apple Drop In

More than 20 members stopped by the New York City branch on New Year’s Day, some coming with family and friends. Conceived of and coordinated by beginning instructor Tom Pardee, the first annual New Year’s Day Open House ran from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Folks gathered to practice, socialize and ring in the new year by experience the health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi. The group did two sets every our on the hour. In between there was time for some practice, instruction, chatting, and a bowl of warm chili, prepared by member Dixie Piver. Even if it was their original intention, everyone who came stayed to the end. They’ll be back same time next year for sure.


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5 responses to “New Year’s Celebrations in Toronto and New York

  1. David Draper

    An open house on New Years Day. Great idea! Bravo!

  2. congratulations on getting sch events together…..n’ yes ……a great idea…..Is it age??????……or all this Tai-Chi hmmmmm!!!!!…..but i have noticed these past years….. the new-year/xmass hols and ….. hasn’t really been that important on my radar….this year fighting to stay awake to say happy new year to each other…..we both felt……worn out/slowed down ….by all that went before……so …….we are thinking……..we have a clubhouse……so… year………. could be different…….hmmmm!!!!!……WAY TO GO!!!!!!….i love that expression…..smiling…..yet again….. a barrel -load of thank-you’s for your inspiration………..from the north-west of ireland

  3. Hannah Remy

    For New Years celebrating, Sarasota Branch style…

    We met at the beach on Siesta Key, in Sarasota Florida, at sunset. A dozen of us did 2 sets on the sugar sand, facing the rolling tourquois water as the sun went down New Year’s Eve. It was a balmy lovely night.
    On New Year’s Day, we opened the center for a well attended beginning class after which there was an open practice with a few rows of smiles.
    We all felt the joy of having Taoist Tai Chi start our 2011 together.

  4. Liz Litts

    Our class in Scottsdale got together on New Year’s day!
    What a great way to stare 2011!!!

  5. Liz Litts

    Thanks to Jana and the rest for making the first day of 2011 Really great!!!!

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