High Tea at the Dunedin, Florida, USA Center

On Tuesday, February 1, the new Dunedin practice space was transformed into an English tea house, of sorts. Our elegant and grand 6th Annual High Tea was attended by 122 members of the Society and their friends. Visitors came from St Petersburg, Brandon, Gulfport, and Tallahassee.

For two weeks after Dunedin’s Grand Opening, “worker bees” scurried to recreate a wonderful High Tea event we had hosted in previous years. Sign-up lists were put in place for preparing scones, tea sandwiches, sweets, chocolate dipped strawberries, devon cream, and strawberry jam. More lists were set for volunteers to sign up to bring card tables, tablecloths, teacups, saucers, teapots, and table gifts. Sign up lists were posted at all branches and the numbers were tallied so that we could be ready for the big day. Much preparation was done on Monday, and then we were ready!

Tuesday morning the tables looked lovely, the food arrived and was plated—sandwiches, scones and sweets—and the room was “buzzing.” Pegoty Packman called a meeting of the “worker bees,” and we were ready. Just after 11 a.m. our guests began to arrive. They were greeted and escorted to one of the 27 gaily set tables.

At 11:30 am Pegoty welcomed everyone to our event. Tea was served and it was followed by scones and sandwiches. The room was abuzz with chatter and oohs and aahs at the delicious goodies were tasted. We received greetings from Sean Dennison, USA Executive Director. Barbara Robinson gave a history of High Teas, Roberta Lang, taught an etiquette lesson on how to stir milk and how to hold your teacup, and Ethel Siros offered a testimonial on how tai chi has made a difference in her life. Mary Lou Gabbert, SERMC member gave a commentary while a demo team did a Tai Chi set in their High Tea finery. While waiting for desserts and strawberries to be served Ron Robinson spoke about the next fundraising event, an evening of Wine Tasting, February 24, 2011. All in all, the High Tea event was a huge fundraising success!!!

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2 responses to “High Tea at the Dunedin, Florida, USA Center

  1. The number of attendees was 122, not 188. Still a “Great” group!

  2. Many thank-you’s for the words/images/initiatives/efforts/intention……….not to mention the smiles…….showing us all…….an example of getting such a day together…..lovely idea……a great success……..a great example of working……as one…….and we send a bag of wishes for all your efforts…..and a barrow-load of Joy…..for the year that’s in it…….on it’s way to you…..from the smiling beings…..doing what you do….on the shores of the Ireland…..

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