Taoist Tai Chi™: In A Winter’s Paradise

On Saturday the 12th of February members of the Society’s branches throughout Scandinavia gathered for an intensive in Oslo, Norway.  For three members this was their first intensive and it was their first introduction to the danyu. Our instructors led us in an inspiring way with the focus on balance and on being comfortable and soft while simply having fun. In the spirit of fellowship, we all shared our stories and our experiences in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. We all agreed that lots of danyus and brush knees are a good recipe for a winter cold and stiff body.

The raffle is very popular in the Norwegian society, and raises good money. As one member said, “It’s great to see such enthusiasm and genuine happiness for a tai chi pen.”

With the raffle enthusiasm, plus all of those danyus and a nice tea break, we were now prepared for a demonstration in wintery Oslo, so off we went.

It was minus 10 degrees Celsius and a lovely winter atmosphere permeated the city, as some citizens were passing by on their way to the local woods and up to the ski slopes. Some of our members have experienced for themselves how Tai Chi improved their balance and strength, and in turn, how that has improved their skiing skills! This is, of course, a good selling point for some Norwegians. Many people happily accepted our invitation to the Introduction Evening and to the beginner classes starting in the next few weeks.

The Taoist Tai Chi Society of Norway was established four years ago, and members here are all keen on developing the Society. Our spirit is high and we have the formula clear for the long and cold winter: more danyus………

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  1. Thank you so much for your words/images informing us all of the intensive/demos………..brrrrr!!!!…..wishes and hopes by the barrow-full….from your Tai-Chi cousins in Ireland……..

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