GOOD MORNING in the Netherlands Centre

There they were, finally, the  112 participants from eight different countries, joining in for the first International Workshop ever held in The Netherlands Centre in Helmond. This Centre was purchased last May  and within three weeks all local classes moved over there. It is amazing how much alive an empty box can become when the Taoist Tai Chi Society moves in. It feels like home in sharing the tea, coffee, nice pastries, wonderful food twice a day, the stories and of course the practising of Taoist Tai Chi. We enjoyed ourselves so much  that we sometimes forgot to smile during our practice. Luckily workshop leader Andrew Hung didn’t, and every time he said GOOD MORNING we smiled and relaxed even more. And he didn’t stop saying this. So the GOOD MORNING lasted all day long. Would you like to know how this feels? In November, we will host a five-day International Instructors Workshop and we might celebrate the Grand Opening of the Centre as well. And guess what, you’re all invited. So this big smiling GOOD MORNING won’t stop. And it is very contagious…….

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8 responses to “GOOD MORNING in the Netherlands Centre

  1. Marisa Pumares

    It was so awesome!!! The food was just amazing. So only for that it would have been worthwile to attend. But the workshop itself was just amazing. Just joined the Taoist Tai Chi about 5 months ago or so, but with this workshop I have the feeling that I gained a year of experience. Thank you Andrew and as always a good morning! 🙂
    Thanks Dutch Branch for organizing this (perfectly organized) and we will make sure that we are able to attend in November

    It was excellent!
    Best regards and good morning to all

  2. Bart

    Good morning! Somehow the smile stayed with me for the rest of the week! Awesome workshop, amazing food!

  3. Good Morning !……..The building looks ……..Great !……Congratulations on the Success ……note…..with a capital….S…..of the First International within it………Lovely to see this… every time it happens!!…….. Tai-Chi beings get together ………smiles occur…..hours/days/weekends/and longer…….become periods filled with many memorable…..memories…….and others looking on….wishing/hoping it all goes well……for peoples/countries…….we’ve never…..seen/met………and when it goes well……as it always seems to do………so many wish they had been there……..My fingers are crossed….ever so tightly…… I am hoping to be there November……for now…..many thank-you’s……and wishes/hopes for the development/success in all you do……and a Big Bag of luck/joy…..for the year that’s in it……from all your Irish Cousins………

  4. Melanie

    Thanks for sharing this nice workshop story… it feels that no one should miss the 5-d international instructor workshop in November.

  5. Mariëtte Swagerman

    Good morning ! and lots of wave hands in centrum Nederland

    What one weekend workshop of Taoist Tai Chi can give…
    New things to work on,a deeper understanding (again) meeting friends, having a good time and great food
    This week it became clear to me again how much my health improved during the 7 years of practising Taoist Tai Chi.

    I always forget how ill i was in the beginning of my MS carriëre.It feels good to look at this every once in a while,
    so meaby my story can help and inspire somebody else
    When people didn’t see me for some time they mostly react on my walking and standing (outside) to check how i am doing.
    The thing is, that with some effort you can learn to get used to a life on wheels, but some complications of MS can be life- threatening !
    I like to share something that you don’t see from the outside but feels for me more important then how my walking is.
    Don’t get me wrong ,of course i do like being able to walk more easy too, but you can’t have anything in live and you need to have lots of patience and work hard !

    I don’t have long infections anymore.
    I don’t have blather and pelvis of the cidney infections anymore
    I don’t need a urine katheder because i am not that incontinent anymore (only during workshops when you work exra hard the incontinenceproblems come back temporary but this recovers in a few days after the workshop)
    I didn’t have new MS attacks with new leassions in the brain and spine ( more leassions means mostly more handicaps )
    My immunity system became much stronger
    My diggestion is back to normal
    I know how to control leg spasms

    But most importantly i am more happy !
    This is all very stange for somebody who has been diagnosed with secondairy progressif MS.
    I was thinking that if you look at this list of impovements in my health this could be a good mirror for people who dont’t have to deal with serious disseases
    For me Taoist Tai Chi is the only medicine that helps for live

    We (I AM !) must be so thankfull for this powerfull system that Master Moy made availeble for us

    Mariëtte Swagerman,Amsterdam

  6. Krystine

    Thanks for sharing this article. It was an inspiration to me as I am in the throws of learning the theory and practice of Taijiquan. It’s great to see such interest and community spirit in one place. I just hope we can generate the same type of feeling here in Australia. Well done to you all!

  7. Thanks for sharing this and wish I could have been there! I’m saving for the November workshop!


    Bravo..hope to make the trip over sooner rather than later to see your wonderful new practice space. Best regards to all…Dave Frame

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