Cambridge, UK, Hosts First International Workshop

Go back to ward off monkeyThe Taoist Tai Chi Society of Great Britain had a first over the weekend of March 19–20 when an International Workshop was held in Cambridge city centre. It was led by Andrew Hung and attended by 236 people, some from the Cambridgeshire branch and others from Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, America, Canada and other branches in GB.

The workshop was timely, as this year the GB Society celebrates its 30th anniversary. Members of the Cambridgeshire Branch, who hosted the event assisted by members from further afield, felt privileged to contribute to marking the occasion.

In the midst of a rather grey and rainy British spring, the skies cleared on Saturday in time for a planned outdoor demonstration of Taoist Tai Chi™ internal arts of health, held on a green opposite the sports hall used for the workshop.

This was an opportunity for the Branch to invite local dignitaries, health professionals and representatives of organisations to come and see what the Taoist Tai Chi Society™ has to offer. The Branch felt it had raised its local profile through getting in touch with people and having some local publicity, including a lively interview on the local radio station from the branch chair. The local newspaper, the Cambridge News came along to do an article on the event and local people attended, including representatives from Parkinsons (UK). The sight of all these people enjoying tai chi sets in the glorious spring sunshine was irresistible.

The venue was a large sports hall five minutes’ walk from the very centre of Cambridge, with its bustling market, shopping area and university spires. A big challenge was the lack of a kitchen and accessible water supply – there was only one tap and one Branch member was dubbed The Water Carrier for obvious reasons.

Nevertheless, Branch members rose to the occasion and running the workshop certainly gave people a chance to find out how far they could stretch in many different ways. Local members hosted participants and others stayed at the nearby Youth Hostel. The weeks and months of preparation paid off. Andrew led an inspiring workshop.

159 Attended International Intensive in Colchester

Following the successful workshop in Cambridge, Andrew moved on to Colchester where many members gathered at short notice for an intensive at the European Centre. There was an atmosphere of excitement at welcoming an international guest, and an enjoyable evening was spent with much laughter in between the danyus, toryus and wise words.

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6 responses to “Cambridge, UK, Hosts First International Workshop

  1. Looking good…….and as they say…..things can only get better….writings/pictures……..WOW!!!!!!……..Sunshine……and smiles……..a big bag of …..really…..Good -Luck……… all………..wishes by the barrow-load…..from the shores of ……..Ireland…..Way To Go!!!!!……

  2. Liz Litts

    This sounds so wonderful! you who attended are lucky to have the ability to travel to such a great experence.

  3. Patricia Worgan

    Just checked out the pictures – it looks soooo fab. Sorry I missed it after all that planning. You guys did so well can we have another one in Cambridge???

  4. Nigel painter

    Well done to everyone involved in the organisation of the weekend. So many people and everyone was fed and watered quickly and efficiently. Booking in was quick and easy as well.
    Well done Cambridge

  5. How priveliged was I to be able to attend the evening session with Andrew Hung
    This inspirational teacher was able to demonstrate so simply the power of our wonderous mind when applied with ease,joy love and positive intention ,an outcome within our physicality of moving further ,easier and in time relieving tension and pain all unconditionally
    I bow in honour and respect of this man and this organisation
    Thank you
    Barbara Marsh

  6. Neil

    Those are fantastic photos!

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