Costa Rican Branch Receives National Recognition

On the April 6 a delegation of the Asociación de Tai Chi TaoístaMR  was invited to the Ministry of Justice and Peace in the capital of Costa Rica for a presentation to the Society in recognition of its contribution to the construction of a culture of peace within the country.

The period between the January 3o and April 6 (dates that coincide with the loss of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., respectively) was designated by the United Nations as “A Season for Nonviolence”—a national 64-day educational, media, and grassroots campaign dedicated to demonstrating that non-violence is a powerful way to heal, transform, and empower our lives and our communities.

The Asociación was one of six recipients of “awards” made at this event to mark the culmination of this period.

The nomination resulted from the regular participation in cultural events (banquets) of the society in our home in Heredia by a member of the government department responsible for reviewing the contributions organizations in the country make to their communities. He was invited to be interviewed on local radio about the event and talked about Mr Moy, the Society, and its activities of service in the community and contributions to health of members and “taming the heart.” We provided material, but his understanding from Society talks, videos, and events had already given him a clear understanding of who we are.

The presentation event provided a connection with another host of National radio who is now seeking a programme with us. We are also anticipating a programme on public TV later this month. We have been challenged to get acceptance in the media in Costa Rica and are happy to share these developments. This month we are offering talks and demonstrations in several Public Festivals, Health Fairs and health focused gatherings.

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6 responses to “Costa Rican Branch Receives National Recognition

  1. Irena Croes

    Felicidades de parte de Aruba!

  2. Perlatt

    Queridos costarisences,

    Les felicito sinceramente por aquel excelente trabajo que hacen en el interes de nuestra Asociación. Esto puede ser un ejemplo a seguir para todos los países y miembros.
    Muchas gracias 🙂

    Gyöngyi Nagy

  3. Congratulations……..with a big capital……C………..

  4. Frank Duffy

    How wonderful to hear about this.

  5. Marino Radillo

    Feliciatciones para los compañeros en Costa Rica. Un excelente ejemplo del maravilloso trabajo y dedicacion de este fabuloso grupo.
    The Taoist Tai Chi Society en Costa Rica ha sido reconicida por el Ministerio de Justicia y Paz cosa no facil de lograr. Felicidades a todos.

  6. martha bennett

    ¡ Felicitaciones a todos ! ¡Wow! This award AND a break in the media. There´s no stopping you now. Martha

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