Dispatch from Dr. Bruce in the Arctic

Many readers have asked whether and/or when the popular anatomy and physiology posts by Dr. Bruce McFarlane will resume. Indeed, they will, after Dr . Bruce returns from his busy medical post in the Arctic. Here’s what he recently wrote to us in an email:
I’m working up north for most of a six-month period from the end of February to early September (with a six-week break from early May to mid June), following which I plan to do some studying in the fields of kinesiology and exercise physiology at the University of Toronto. It has been exceptionally busy up here in the Arctic with much more illness than normal and I suspect that I won’t be writing any articles on anatomy and physiology until late September or early October. I’m thinking about future topics, of course, as I go through the day. And Jean Paul Colette, a member of the TTCS and an epidemiologist at UBC, has just sent me some info on research that looks at the interplay between stress, the inflammatory response, the autonomic nervous system, and disease states, such as diabetes, MS, Crohn’s disease, atherosclerosis, and overwhelming sepsis. These are very interesting insights for practitioners of a moving meditation. Could you post something on the blog site to indicate that articles will resume in the fall?
We’ll look forward to hearing more on this exciting research and other topics when Dr. Bruce returns in the fall.


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2 responses to “Dispatch from Dr. Bruce in the Arctic

  1. Karen Fitzgerald

    Have missed Bruce’s posts. Six months in the Arctic is quite a commitment. We will miss Bruce at CIT week.

  2. I just want to Know whether Tai chi has a good impact on athero-sclerotic process or not. I would like to get a statical data.

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