An Intensive in Texas

On April 2, 2011, about 30 people took part in a Tai Chi Intensive in Corpus Christi, Texas. The all-day event was held at St. Bartholomew’s Church. Students from all over Texas, including Austin, Dallas, and Pharr, attended the workshop.  One man commented that he thought he was very strong, as he pumped weights at a gym, but doing Tai Chi worked muscles he didn’t know he had.

The instructor was Allen Pearce, from Portland, Oregon. The day consisted of two sections, a morning and an afternoon class with chanting, a potluck lunch, and afterward, a wonderful dinner cooked by the owner and chef of a Chinese restaurant. Everyone returned home invigorated, tired, and full.

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One response to “An Intensive in Texas

  1. billy moore

    Now that’s the Intensive that cl’d act as an example…..pot-luck lunches…..chanting…..both morning and afternoon classes…..AND…….a dinner cooked by a chef of a local restaurant…..Way To Go!!!!!!
    well done and many Thank-You’s for such a Good example………and…….the photos….and the ….Smiles……
    Wishes……on your ongoing success…… the bucket-full……. from Taoist Tai-Chi beings ….looking on …from the shores of Ireland……

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