U.K. Celebrates 30 Years of Taoist Tai Chi

The Royal Wedding wasn’t the only international celebration this week in London. On April 23 over 200 members of the Society in Great Britain gathered in front of London’s Houses of Parliament on Abingdon Green. They were there to take part in a planned outdoor demonstration of Taoist Tai Chi TM internal arts of health as part of 30th anniversary celebrations.

The group started with the foundation exercises, then completed six sets of Tai Chi. They had a total body, mind and spirit workout whilst demonstrating Taoist Tai Chi TM internal arts of health in central London, to the many visitors, tourists and passers-by.

In the unseasonal scorching heat and beautiful blue skies of London, it was an impressive spectacle for the public audience that stopped to watch the demonstration. Many offered their observations on this great celebration.

There were a lot more people than I expected. I feel great, I really enjoyed it, and after five sets I feel very relaxed although I thought it would be stressful doing tai chi in a public place. I would definitely take part again.”

—Anthony (from Essex) on attending his first demo

“Fantastic, great energy, feel happy, it was very atmospheric whilst doing a tai chi set and the bells of Big Ben chimed at 3pm.”

—A group from Bristol

“Taoist tai chi has benefited me, I had problems with my lower back which virtually disappeared after six months of practice.”

—Lynn (from London)

“I practice tai chi as it gives me a sense of wellbeing, as well as strengthening body and mind, and I love being part of a group with likeminded ideas.”

—Yvonne (from Cambridge)

“It felt wonderful to do it with so many people in such a striking location. There was a feeling of peace and togetherness amidst the hustle and bustle of Westminster.”

—Jo (from London), aged 30

The atmosphere was tremendous. The closeness and sense of camaraderie was really on display. Despite being in the centre of London, I feel relaxed and my body is a whole lot looser than before we started.”

—Tom (from Cambridgeshire), aged 24

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2 responses to “U.K. Celebrates 30 Years of Taoist Tai Chi

  1. Hi, I had a lovely time here my first openair celebration, and my personal 1st anniversary of doin TaoistTai Chi, it was an amazing atmosphere, and such a wonderfull backdrop, now if I could just get my brain to remember the sequence of moves all by itself I will be happy xxxx

  2. billy moore

    Six……Set’s…….NOW……in anyones book…..that deserves a ……BIG……round of applause……Imagine it….. the applause i mean……..as you all…….. deserve it…..not to mention…..In The Sun….!!!!!!
    Congratulations……..on being there…..on looking so good …..now that really deserves a capital…..G…….so one step back……on looking so ….Good…..that’s better!!!!……having such a turn-out……on having such…..Intention…….note the capital…..I……….on having such lovely smiles…….on being so inspiring…..on setting such a good example…..a big bag of luck to all for …..ALL this…….from your Taoist Tai -Chi cousins…..across the Irish sea…..

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