Graduation Day Two PLUS More


Quite a day at 371 Ohio Road, the Toronto Centre on Saturday May 14th.  Not just one, not just two, but three events as members of the Society  joined to practise tai chi, do some fund raising and partake in some traditional vegetarian jai.  

Downstairs was busy with the monthly Feed the Homeless classes being led by Markham-Stouffville while a garage sale was in full swing.  Upstairs was also open to the public while the jai was being prepared in the kitchen for all to enjoy.  Everyone came together for lunch before returning downstairs for Graduation Day.  An afternoon of welcoming members into continuing training of  Taoist Tai Chi™ arts of health.  Over 100 members enjoyed the class led by Andrew Hung which focused on finding balance.  Visible change was seen in the group’s timing and balance.  Not only was this Graduation Day it was also an Instructor Training Class as many of the new members had been accompanied by their instructors.  

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Members of the class shared stories of improved balance and how their practise had helped them with their knees.  Of particular note was the story from Newmarket’s Michael Pryede.  Michael spoke of all the positive changes he has experienced in his temperament and how that has strongly enhanced his quality of life.

It was a great day despite the rain and not to be overlooked was the awareness the garage  sale generated in the local community as members from that community visited the Toronto Centre and met members of the Society.  Many stayed and enjoyed jai with us.

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One response to “Graduation Day Two PLUS More

  1. billy moore

    What an example……..on Showing…… A Way …… do these events…..
    What a sense of something…….. so good……… it brings….
    When reading these word…..
    Seeing these images…….
    deserving of ………one must surely add……….
    a big cart-load of Irish luck….
    from your …..Irish……. Taoist Tai -Chi cousins…

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