Lok Hup Week in Europe Draws Members from 15 Countries

Europe enjoyed its first five-day Lok Hup Ba Fa workshop for some years when 140 people from 15 countries came together at the European Centre in Colchester on May 11-15.

Everyone enjoyed “swirling the universe” as workshop leaders Sean Denison and Karen Laughlin led people through Lok Hup part one and then on into part two. They took time to deepen our understanding of some of the more profound aspects of these arts and of the traditions within which they are based.

Half of the participants came from outside Great Britain, with representatives from Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, and of course the USA.

Members from Great Britain felt the workshop, which was held as a fundraiser for the planned new Regional Centre in Scotland, was a very special treat in the British Society’s 30th anniversary year.

The feast for body and mind included a joyous spring “practice” banquet on Saturday night, when 50 additional guests joined in the fun. We heard how Jane Edwards, an American who had worked with Master Moy, came to Britain to be with her English husband and started instructing at Master Moy’s request.

Slides were on view showing the development in Great Britain, through a sometimes stormy adolescent-like period towards maturity, which, said President Paul Davies, could be seen as similar to our own individual growth in life.

Greetings and congratulations were brought from each of the countries represented and volunteers rose to the occasion with some fabulous food. All involved gained valuable experience in how to run a banquet.

“Formidable!” said Nathalie from France.

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4 responses to “Lok Hup Week in Europe Draws Members from 15 Countries

  1. Geraldine Gray

    An absolutely perfect week.

  2. billy moore

    What ….A….Workshop….!.
    As was stated by one of our French cousins……..
    Way to Go!

  3. Michael Lavocah

    Warning: Lok Hup weeks are addictive. This was another wonderful week, and as ever in Lok Hup week, the Tai Chi sets were just amazing. Excellent and highly contrasting instruction from Sean and Karen – especial thanks to Sean who led the first half of the workshop on his own.
    It was also really good to have the opportunity to do some chanting in the mornings. This was hard work (much harder than it appears!) but we could feel it working on our bodies and for sure it accelerated the benefits of the workshop. I have felt the physical effects continuing in my body and heart for days afterwards, and I have really good energy. Studying Lok Hup Ba Fa is joyful, and a privelege.

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