Costa Rica Branch Moves into New Home

New signage

With their current lease due to expire on April 30 and the location becoming increasingly unhealthy and unsafe, which has led to a reduction in membership prepared to attend at night, the Costa Rica branch had been looking at options to move.

Since the turn of the year they had been in negotiation with Cibeles resort for conversion of one of their warehouse spaces into a suitable new home. The resort is very lovely and secure and offered a 50% increase in space. On April 29 the branch received a letter from the owner advising that a rental would never be possible as they are considering options to sell the property and to have a rental agreement is unacceptable to their legal advisors.

Members spent the next few days systematically (re)checking all potential locations in the area and, to our surprise, we were able to secure a 50% reduction in the rent to make a location affordable for us. The owner of the new space made the location available because of who we are and what we do. As of June 1, the branch will have a three-year lease and the owner kindly gave us two weeks rent free for the transition.

Details of Our New Home

The new location is 50 meters (about 50 yards) east of Auto Mercado, more central than the previous one and closer to the many bus routes that converge on Heredia. It has a large volume of pedestrian and car traffic and is next to the most popular small mall in the city. The strategic corner location has great visibility, reduces the speed of traffic and thus noise, particularly on the first floor.

Our new home

The corner building floor space is 150 square meters (1,600 square feet) and is on two levels. It is very well constructed, with many windows, all finished in white PVC with roll down grills. It has a superb (non-slip) tile floor for practice, is clean and fresh even without the windows open, so ventilation is excellent. It has thermal insulation in the loft to minimize the heat effects and has excellent light.  There is ample parking.

The upper level is 100 square meters (1,075 square feet) with two bathrooms and a storage area. We have installed sink units on both levels too to help with banquets and gatherings.

The ground level will serve as the reception of the club house and social area, with space for plants, tables, tea, smaller classes, social gatherings, Board meetings, English classes and health recover classes when we need ground level for mobility restricted persons.

The past two weeks have been abuzz with many members working long hours to prepare the space for welcoming neighbors and our guests for the International Workshop we were privileged to host last weekend. The signage and phone line were installed minutes before the reception. It has been a great boost to the branch to find such a wonderful space and great landlord and to have the International workshop to work together towards the challenges of developing in our new home. The coming weeks will see much activity promoting ourselves in the new neighbourhood and continuing the process of municipality approvals and making our home even more welcoming.

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11 responses to “Costa Rica Branch Moves into New Home

  1. martha bennett

    ¡formidable! ¡Felicitaciones! Marta

  2. Beautiful! So nice that you now have a wonderful space.

  3. billy moore

    What a lovely story….
    and lovely team work….
    and a lovely building….
    The biggest well deserved bag of good wishes/hopes/fortune/happiness/luck…..
    on it’s way to you forthwith….
    from your….Inspired…..
    Taoist Tai Chi cousins…….
    across the sea….
    In Ireland….

  4. Rosa Salom

    Wonderful building ! Congratulations to all ! Danny and I look forward to see you all in Costa Rica soon and try this great facility. Our best wishes ! Rosa

  5. Joe & Eva Sanabria

    Muchas felicidades! Esta muy bueno el lugar.

  6. Dennis Dong

    Enjoyed very much reading your report and seeing the photographs. Looks like you have a wonderful space. Congratulations!

  7. Awesome place! I read your article with interest and did receive a phone call about the classes. I wish you much success now and in the future.

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  9. Dave Frame

    Looks like a wonderful improvement and enjoyed reading your search summary. Wishing you all the very best in your new home.

  10. i wish i knew you were looking for a new home. i have an excellent organic farm on 9 acres with construction that has 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms in the town of PARADISO OF EL CAJON in perez seledon., COSTA RICA i am very interested in becoming a student. i am a RESEARCH PSYCHOANALYST with the MEDICAL BOARD OF CALIFORNIA. i have been in the healing field for 55 years, please check my website the property is good for retreats and classes. please give me your directors phone number. my numbers are 506 2772 3065, 8333 8625, skype name is doctorwalter1 my email is thank you dr walter urban

  11. just saw yourmove to new home, have a great future option for you, total on 9 acres with organic gardens, contruction with 8 bedroom and 7 baths, small river in property, fruits trees, etc. in perez zeledon, good for retreat center
    my personal website is i want to become a student of taoism, also have other available properties, would like to talk to director, my name is dr walter urban, email is
    many thanks

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