National Seniors’ Week at the International Centre

The theme for this Seniors’ Week at the International Centre in Orangeville (May 9 to 13, 2011) was “returning home” since we’ve been in Quebec City and Kemptville for the last two. Some 82 participants, many of whom were attending for the first time, had a wonderful week. There was representation from all across Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax. Also, two came from England and one from Florida.

We worked hard with great instruction from Tony Kwong. Wednesday was a special day with a trip to D’Arcy St., Chinatown, and Dim Sum. Some members spent the morning at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

An enthusiastic group presented their plans for Seniors’ Week in Vancouver 2012.  It sounds exciting and they are hard at work to make it a great experience for everyone.  The date will be announced soon so say stay tuned!

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One response to “National Seniors’ Week at the International Centre

  1. Congratulations……..
    mayby…..with fingers crossed……ever so tightly…..
    some Irish Taoist Tai-Chi beings may make it in 2012…….
    One other thing……the pics are great….
    wishes on all the planing….
    and a big bag of luck……
    from us all on this side of the sea to your side….

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