The Friday Convergence: Costa Rica Holds an International Workshop

Inside set

What wonderful timing. We worked very hard to make our new home welcoming in time for the Friday night reception of visitors from Aruba, Canada, USA, and Scotland, as well as our new neighbours to our International Workshop May 21-22, 2011. We enjoyed sharing food, watching videos, meeting old friends and making new ones.

The weekend program was based at the European School, which finished construction of the new gymnasium also in time for a graduation on Frida, preceding the workshop, so we were up bright and early cleaning the floor and moving tables for an 8 am start.

Pegoty Packman did a great job of helping every member understand that he or she was part of the future of the club; in groups we strategized next steps for the coming weeks, months, and years, and we have been acting on them since. There were many new beginner members and first-time workshop participants, so it was great to share the way we do things and for assistants/set leaders, as well as instructors and Board members, to model behavior and look after the people. There is still lots to do in our new home, but it was so good to come together to reflect on how we got here and to look to the future growth of the Society in Costa Rica.

The workshop was even more fun after the pressure of the days running up to it, the new home, and so many things came together it was lovely—even the t-shirts arrived on the Friday we began, after four months of trying to get them produced with five different companies.

On Sunday night, a local Brazilian restaurant opened especially for us so the hosts and guests could enjoy a wonderful meal together. They, too, had finished a month of renovations that Friday, so a weekend full of celebrating completions and looking to new growth.

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One response to “The Friday Convergence: Costa Rica Holds an International Workshop

  1. Congratulations……..
    note the capital….c…….
    a great example of working together….
    a lovely account and great pics…….
    the best of wishes from….Taoist Tai -Chi beings……
    smiling back at you…….
    across the sea…..
    In Ireland……….

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