A Joyous Grand Opening of the Southwest Centre in Stratford, Ontario

May 28, 2011, saw the Grand Opening of the new Southwest Centre. There was an excited buzz in the air all day as many people came to help celebrate. Tony Kwong led a day-long workshop for 145 members. The ceremonies at noon included dramatic lion and dragon dances, as well as speeches from local politicians. Greetings and congratulations were brought by Stratford’s mayor and Member of Provincial Parliament, as well as Society directors and representatives. Approximately 400 people happily attended the presentation and delicious barbeque that followed. Members from all of the branches in the southwest of the province—Windsor, Sarnia, London, Woodstock, Guelph, Cambridge, and Stratford—participated in the planning and execution of the event. It was the first of many opportunities for the southwest clubs to work together. Thank you to the Society for this beautiful space that allows us to work together to improve our training and understanding.

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2 responses to “A Joyous Grand Opening of the Southwest Centre in Stratford, Ontario

  1. Karen Fitzgerald

    Congratulations on your Grand Opening! I see so many familiar faces in the pictures. Can’t wait to see everyone at CIT week!

  2. Cliff Yerex

    I’m with Karen on that! Congrats!

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