International Workshop in Denmark

In Copenhagen, 58 members of the International Taoist Tai Chi Society came together for a three-day workshop (June 10–12, 2011). Friday night cars started to arrive from Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Holland, and other members came by plane from Spain, Ireland, and Great Britain. They were welcomed with a warm soup at the Copenhagen clubhouse before everybody was taken to their accommodation at Danish members’ homes.

The workshop was led by Kerstin Gummelt, member of the European Regional Council and president of Taoist Tai Chi Society of Germany. Among the many experienced workshop participants, there were also quite a lot of people participating in their first workshop.

We gathered a few comments on how they experienced their first workshop:

”I have a feeling that I have learned more in one day, than in the last three months, I even feel I started to walk in a different way. And it is great to meet so many nice new people.”
—Håkon (50) from Norway:

“It’s been a very deep experience and it is like when you have been feeling the deepness it also makes room for a lot of joy. So I was so happy when I went home after the first day.”
—Britt (45) from Denmark

”At the normal classes I often feel that after two hours I have just corrected the daily wear on my body. Here is the chance to carry on and work further on improving my health. And in a funny way, it is much more relaxed, and at the same time much harder.”
—Martin (23) from Denmark

”It’s like getting everything together from the last two years of training. And it is a wonderful atmosphere, I really don’t know if I have been here two days or four.”
—Calle (69) from Sweden

 “Even though it is hard work it is also a very social experience and it is nice to be in a place where there is room to be who you are. So the workshop has made me feel light at heart.”
—Lene (38) from Denmark

We had a traditional Danish Whit Sunday lunch and the Danish members had supplied a lot of different home cooked dishes and everybody enjoyed the meal after a lot of nice practice. And like always everybody joined in for cleaning up in the kitchen, meeting new friends at the same time. We look forward to the rest of the workshop and to share our experiences back at our clubs.

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2 responses to “International Workshop in Denmark

  1. JET

    one big happy Taoist Tai Chi family
    Looking good you all !

    all the best of Amsterdam ,Hollandia

  2. Congratulations……
    lovely account……
    lovely example set….re members houses…….
    lovely……’way to go’…… getting participants views….
    on the day….hot of the press so to speak…..
    and a fantastic workshop……
    as they say across the water….
    ‘Way To Go’……

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